FanFare 2018 - Page 19

Josh Bateman Senior • Linebacker The 2017 season was an impressive campaign for sen- ior Josh Bateman. The second team all-district linebacker and first team Athens Daily Review All-Henderson County Area selection had a team-leading 136 tackles in 2017. He added seven for loss with one interception to lead the team in tackles, was third in tackles for loss and tied with three other players with an interception. “Josh is the leader of the defense at inside linebacker,” he said. “With (Rylan) Benge on the field it is like having a X]\HX]\H^H[XZHHXˈ^B[]\[Y\ܜXHYܙHH[] 'B]]^\Y[H][XX\][X[Y[[\\]H\و^Y\]H۝YHZYKH\[XYHY[Y\HX[H\Z[[܈XKY^\X\Y܈X][\\KY\H\ۙH[]\؝[\X]][X[]\š\H܈H[ ]HX[H[[܈[H[XZH\H\B[X[[ R[\ۈ[H\XH[[XXH^Y\H[[H]\ H[[[[\ۂH]\[ MKH[[[^\^Y\XZ]HH]\[H NN H^Y\\H[[[\ L K\[ٜ]\ JK[HY[H NNMK\] NNLH[ZH\\ۙ NNJKN