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Herald Journal Publishing, Inc. PO Box 129 Winsted, MN 55395 PRESORT STANDARD ECRWSS U. S. POSTAGE PAID Herald Journal Publishing Inc. Postal Customer Family Time May 2, 2016 Timely information for today’s busy local families Family Time – pg. 1-2, 11-12 Classifieds – pg. 3-8 Going Out – pg. 9 Paying it forward Winsted family finds volunteering makes a community thrive BY KRISTEN MILLER Correspondent Helping out and not expecting a payback is what Pat Schommer of Winsted said makes a community great. It’s something that was instilled in him growing up as he attended Holy Trinity and watched his parents, Francis and Germaine Schommer. Volunteering is what Pat has also tried to instill in his three children – Samantha, 26; Eric, 24; and Tony, 22. When Pat was 18 years old, he followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Knights of Columbus, a service organization within the Catholic Church. After graduating college and marrying his wife, Lisa, Pat returned to his hometown. It was then that he became more active as a Knight. Since then, he has held most of the officer positions, and currently serves as the financial secretary for the organization. It was through the Knights that Pat would have his children help with various service projects at church and throughout the community so as to instill the values that come with volunteering and “doing things for nothing,” which is important in a community, he said. This is important to teach to young people, Pat explained, just as his parents taught him. Pat grew up on the outskirts of town, near the Winstock grounds. Each year since its start, Pat has been doing what he can to help out with the successful Holy Trinity fundraiser. “I’ve worked every one,” said Pat, who has never missed a year of the country music festival. He and Lisa can be found inside the grounds at the church’s food tent making sure everything is running smoothly. The tent serves an assortment of food, such as brats, burgers, nachos, cheese curds, French fries, and even ice cream. Francis makes sure the KC’s trailer is delivered to the grounds and equipment is setup for food. He and Germaine also take a shift over the weekend. Now in their mid-80s, the couple has decided to leave it up to the younger workers this year, as they retire from their food tent duties. The Monday following Winstock, the Schommer men become part of the cleanup crew and Pat, Francis, and Eric clean up Long Term Care Close to Home! PERSONALIZED SENIOR LIVING We are here to help with this difficult decision. Before you call a nursing home, see what Cedar Crest can offer at a lower price! � We provide ALL Levels of Care! • All Private Rooms with suites available Pat Schommer guides a resident of St. Mary’s Care Center into the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at the Blue Note in Winsted in March 2015. SUBMITTED PHOTO • Memory Care Unit at no extra cost • Medicaid Residents Welcome • Personalized 24 Hour Care • 33 Services and Amenities INCLUDED in our LOW Base Rate! Cosmos • 130 Neptune St. N • 320-877-9100 Silver Lake • 1401 Main St. W • 320-327-6577 A Place to Call Home! Call today with questions or to schedule a personal tour! A group of the Winsted Knights of Columbus, including Francis Schommer (standing, right), work on digging out sunken headstones at the Holy Trinity Cemetery. SUBMITTED PHOTO the remnants of the fire pits left behind by Winstock campers. Francis noted he will continue his duties this year, as he is responsible for driving his skid-loader from home and helping scoop out the ashes from throughout the campsites. Francis and Germaine can often be seen helping residents at St. Mary’s Care Center in Winsted, which is something they really enjoy doing. Volunteering is not something they do for any type of recognition, however, and Francis compared it to the Prayer of St. Francis which reads: “For it is in giving that we receive.” “It makes you feel good,” he said. Pat agreed with his father. “You get more out of it than you put in, it seems to me,” Pat said. Doing things for others also makes him feel like he’s doing his part in this world for all the blessings God has given him. “I feel like I owe [God] because he’s given me a good life,” Pat said. Walk of Hope Thursday, May 12 Registration at 5 pm Walk begins at 6 pm Includes meal after walk • Silent Auction • Day camps offer a passport to possibilities this summer Day camps across the area will offer a wide variety of options Robotic Engineering with Lego Mindstorms for learning and fun in the sun this summer. Using the NXT Intelligent brick from LEGO, servo motors, adFollowing is a representative listing of some of the opportuni- vanced ultrasonic, touch and light sensors, and specialized Lego ties for children, ranging from creative options such as art camps technic engineering components, students will build extreme roto chances to get active outdoors. bots, program them to accomplish tasks, respond to external stimuli, and overcome challenges. Students working in small teams will control the robot with NXT programs, and then have the opportunity to experiment and Bulldog Speed & Strength Camp This camp is an all-inclusive speed, agility, and strength pro- modify the programs. Bring a drink and a peanut-free snack daily. gram that will help increase speed and strength, and reduce inWho: For children in third to eighth grade. jury in athletes. The program is four days a week for eight weeks, When: Monday, July 18-Wednesday, July 20; 8:30 to 11 a.m. and includes 45 minutes of speed and agility, and 45 minutes of Where: Art room A133, HLWW High School. strength training each session. Cost: $72. Who: For grades s ٕѡɽ՝ȸ)Iѕ !1]\ չ̴I]5́ѡɽ՝Q̰͑)չص՜ЀЁݕ)ѕ)ɥ䰁)ձĸ))ձФ쁝ɅȁɽѼ쁝Ʌܴ̀ɽ)Ѽ)]ݽɭ)]ɔ1ѕȁAɅɥ!M)%ѡ̰́ё́ݥɕєձѽ䰁Ʌѥٔ݅) 耐)͡ȁЁаѡȁMՑ́ݥɸ)Iѕ=хɴɽ1@ չЁܹȸ܁Ѽ͔ͅݕȁѽ́ѡȁݽݽɭѕ̸)̽쁍хЁ ]ɽԴԸ)]ȁՑ́Ѡѡɽ՝͕ٕѠɅ)]QՕ͑䰁)չܵQ͑䰁)չ쁬İ)MյȁY剅 )Q́ݥ́ɸɔЁٽ剅Ʌ̀ȴаԴԁ쁝Ʌ̀Դܰā)]ɔݽ͡ɽ䰁!1]\!M)ɽٔѡȁɕЁ̸ͭ%Ё́х՝Ё1ѕȁAɅɥ!) 耐)Qɥ䁍х ձ̸)Iѕ !1]\ չ̴)]ȁɱ́ѕɥЁѡɽ՝ͥѠɅ)]5䰁)չ̵Q͑䰁)չ쁝Ʌ̀Ĵ́ɽ]͑䰁5Ը)ѼāɅ̀д؁ɽԁѼ)嵹ѥ́Mյȁ )]ɔ崁Ё1ѕȁAɅɥM)Q́́ѡɕ䁕ɅѥѼɥѡո) 耐Ը)յɹݥѥ݅ѡ)Iѕ=хɴɽ1@ չЁܹȸمձѥݡѡչ̸ٕ)̸IѕȁQ͑䰁5ظ)] ́ɱ́Ёٕ́ɝѕѡɽ՝͕ٕѠɅ)]QՕ͑䰁՜ȵQ͑䰁՜؁Ѽ)I յ5ɥ ͕Mщ ]ɔ崰!յɕ!ѠٕՔ!݅ɐ1) 耐Ց́P͡и)QѡɐՅI յ5ɥ ͕Mщ)Iѕ !1]\ չ̴) ́ɕݥՍЁ́ѡչх́)ѥѡɽݥэѠ͕ͽщд1ȁY剅 +ݽɬÁɔͭѼɥѡȁٕ́)Aѥ́ѡ́ݥɽٔѡȁٽ剅ͭ)́Ѽѡ)ѕՕ̸Aɥ́݅ɑ́ݥЁѡЁ)]ȁ́ɱ́̀؁Ѽȸ)Ѐԁɕ́ɔݕѼѕ)]Mɑ䰁)չ쁅̀شɽѼԁ쁅)]Qݼ͕ͥ́ȁՑ́Ѡѡɽ՝ͥѠɅ)̀ȁɽѼ)͕ٕѠѡɽ՝ѠɅ)]ɔ́4 ]ѕ%͔Ʌ)]5䰁)չQ͑䰁)չѼ)崁Ё!QɥM]ѕ)]ɔɅдذѥ٥䁍ѕȰ!1]\5M) ɕ)Ʌܴ䰁崁!1]\!M)Iѕɉյё̹и) 耐Ց́P͡и)Iѕ !1]\ չ̴()1ѕȁAɅɥ()!1]\()Mи5é ɔ ѕȃԴ(ĀѠMи8Mեєİ]ѕ58()͕ Ѽ() ȁ () ɽՍ́ѥ́Ѽѡչх)ݥѠѡݕQ́́ͥ́ɽՍѥѼѡЁѡЁ́ɽɥѕ䁝ɕѽ݅ɐɕ)ձ́ݥѠѱȁɥȁɥ)Aѥ́ݥɸѡͭ́Ёх)ݥѠѡ́ЁѡٕͅQͥ́́ոѥٔɹ٥ɽаݡՑ́ɔɽՍѼѡ)չх́ͅݽɑ䁅)եЁ́ɽ٥ՑѡՑͬаٔݕ)Aѥ́͡ձɕ́х䁙ȁɕٕаՑݕ̰P͡аչ̸͡)]ȁɕձ̸)]5䰁)չѡɽ՝ɥ䰁)չѼ))]ɔ]Ё崰͕ Ѽ!M) 耐)IѕYͥЁ͕ Ѽ չՍѥЁܸ)ȹ̽() ͭщḾ ()MٕɅͭщͭ́ɔɕȁ́ɱ́)ѡɐѡɽ՝ѠɅ)Qȁչȁ́́ͥѼɽٔѡ)ͭщ̰ٕͭɸ܁ͭ́ѡЁɕٽٔ)ɽչչх́Ս́ɥͥ͡ѥ͔)Qȁȁ́Ʌѕٕ́ͭа)Ց́٥ՅͭեѕɅѕ̰͍ɥ́ѕѥѥٔ٥ɽи)ȁɔɵѥ٥Յ͕̰٥ͥЁ͕ Ѽ) չՍѥЁܹȹ̽()щ ()щ́ȁٕ́ͭ́ɔɕ)ѡمͥх̸Qϊd́ɔѼ)ٔոɽٔщ̰ͭɕɔѡѕ́ȁѡ)ٕѥѥQɥ䁽ѡ́ѡЁٔፕ)ѡȁѡ ɝ́ٔѥѕѡ̸͔)ȁɔɵѥ٥Յ͕̰٥ͥЁ͕ Ѽ) չՍѥЁܹȹ̽)͕d 5AL ((0