Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 7

For as long as she can remember she has been singing in church; giving her life to Jesus after a moving encounter at 13 years old. From there she grew into a well known psalmist and worship leader at her home church in Portmore, Jamaica and initiated children’s ministry within the inner city communities that the church served. During this time she recorded her first few tracks on a sampler project called “His Mercy Endureth.” After two life changing surgeries she became more determined than ever to devote her voice to the glory of God. The opportunity to live in and travel to various Caribbean islands, has taken her voice from Jamaica to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, the Cayman Islands, St. Lucia and Barbados and she has shared stage with Yolanda Adams, CeceWinans, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and many others. As a creative writer she has written, directed, presented and produced various Caribbean Radio and TV productions. Between her medical career and her time as a marketing director she has often shared her gift through ministry in churches and at Gospel and Jazz shows in the islands but she would always return to her academic pursuits. But one day death came knocking and Samantha could run no longer. After two life changing surgeries she became more determined than ever to devote her voice to the glory of God. As she turned her heart to God in 2014 she received more songs for her debut album “Stronger.” Her heart of worship is exposed in raw melodies that reveal the joy and pain of the Christian journey. The message of the project is as simple as her mission“ to connect hearts in worship to God empowering them to live their best life”. In April, Samantha debuted an EP called “Lifted By Love” as an introduction to the “Stronger” album set to be released this Summer. Family and Faith Magazine is delighted to connect with the woman of God behind the voice. Below is an excerpt of our email interview. Family and Faith Magazine: Describe the circumstances that led to your walk with the Lord? Samantha: I was 13 years old and had just moved to Jamaica with my family. I had no desire to be baptized. In fact as a young girl who had moved from the UK with her family, I was quite intimidated by the powerful young people who showed such passion for God. That wasn’t the case where I came from and I was afraid to become a young Jesus fanatic. Church seemed filled with old “uncool” people and I did not want to be a part of that. Yet I always felt the pull of God on my life. You can imagine the conundrum for my young mind. But I told God that if I ever went to the altar and cried that I would immediately get baptized. It sounded like a good deal to me because I always went to the altar at my church in the UK, I mean I loved to be prayed for; I still do. But none of my trips to the altar yielded tears. So imagine my chagrin when my first trip to the altar at church in Jamaica yielded tears! The elder came and asked me if I would like to be baptized and I felt a lump in my throat and then I felt the tears coming. And that night in December, I got baptized. Family and Faith Magazine: How do you know for sure that God is real? Samantha: There are many personal instances of times where God has shown me His love and power. One that stands out in my mind was while I was recovering from my near-death experience in a hospital bed in Trinidad. I spent weeks of insomnia on morphine, with tubes all over my body as I recovered. In that time I was given a message for a friend; the kind of message that included some intimate details of his life that I could not be privy to since I was stuck in a hospital bed in SPECIAL FEATURE / ARTISTE “ “ There are many personal instances of times where God has shown me His love and power. ” another part of the island. So when I was well enough I gave him the message and he looked at me in awe and then shock and told me I was lying. He tried to convince me that I was delusional. He left me crying, thinking I was going insane. A few moments later he returned and confessed that everything I told him was true and that he would surrender his life to the Lord…You know the more I think about the answer to this question the more answers come. I’ll stop here though. “ I don’t feel like less of a person because I am not in a relationship because I know that the guy who controls the universe controls my life. ” ” Family and Faith Magazine: Many young ladies in the church feel left behind because they haven't been able to find a suitable spouse, but you seem to be truly living a full life. How do you feel about your own singleness? Samantha: Well I think the fir