Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 5

KIDS’ CORNER 7. Marine Mania For a really adventurous summer why not let your kids meet some sea creatures? With Port Royal Marine Laboratory & Biodiversity Center they can dive deep into this exciting day camp. Email for more information. 8. Drama Pull out your child’s imagination and talent. Enroll them in a great drama program this year. If you have a little actor on your hands Dramatists Ministering through Christ may just be the place for you. Call 387-­7781 or 348-­3764 for details. 9. Music Lessons It's always a great time to learn an instrument! Learn to play the drum set, guitar or piano this summer with Mellow Groove Music! Call 385-8380 or email mellowgroovemusic@ for more information. 10. Prayer Club Does your child love t ^OH][ۘ[[\\ܞH^Y\]ܚ\HYX]YY]]\HYZˈ^H[]HB[Z[H[\]8&\Z[\\[[Y\XYHH\و\X][[ݚ[X[K]]\[\Y[[[HXZH\œ[[Y\[Yۚ]HZ\[][X][ۂ]X]Z\X]H]˂[\\ܞ\^Y\Z[\Kܙ]H[HB[]MKM H܈[XZ[^Y\]ژ[XZXKKӔԔ‚ܙ\]Bܛ\‚[^\] N  KVSB]\]YHM L BPTQH[]]B