Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 21

Things you can trade on a. Job type, Educational development, Culinary skills, Salary, Race, Talents Things that you cannot work with at all a. An unfaithful potential partner b. A person who is verbally or physically abusive Now for some general Dos and Donts General Do’s - Generalize before you specialize - Go out in groups with fellow Christians (camps, retreats, concerts etc.) where you can foster friendships, observe and pray with knowledge. General Don’ts RELATIONSHIPS - Don’t Rush It! - Wait patiently for the Lord (Psalm 27:14). You can trust God with this area of your life and do not need to run ahead of his timing. Even if you believe the Lord has told you that this person is ‘the one’, you do not need to rush and share this information with them as this could complicate the situation. Instead hide God’s word in your heart and pray it into fruition. If it is the Lord’s will it must happen. - Don’t flirt with the potential partner in person or on social media Do your best to treat this person like any other friend until you are at a plac