Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 19

A Jewel Among Resorts At the end of our stay, our family was refreshed, satiated, rested, happy but also little sad to leave. The hammocks, swings and abundance of lounge areas that characterize the lush relaxing property had charmed us into feeling like we found another home away from home. We also really enjoyed how hassle free everything was. As part of the vision for the design of the property, Scott explained that they decided to do away with some of the known annoyances that guests tend to have, such as having to wear wristbands and secure towel cards. Guests are instead wristband free and get to take as many beach towels as they desire without a card. Incredibly, apart from the Japanese restaurant, guests also don’t need to make a reservation to dine at the resort's restaurants. We had a culinary b \X][]H][[H[\[\H\]\[[HY]ݚYY^[[YK\[[[X[ۜ]\HY و\HB]܈][X[[Y^\XH\^HX]H]\]H \H[Y[HYو\H\^H[]HY[[\]]\\Y[Bۋ]YX\Y\H[^\XYH]HZ[KHY[Z[B[Z]XY^[H] [] 8&\X\\[[Y\XȂ[Hۙ\[YYY[[YXZH\X][ۂ[ܙ]XH8$\\ۘ[\\ۙH[\ܝ[\X[Y\\Y[H]\\Z[[[X\HX\[ۋ\X\Y[]\ZYY[ \\]\[[]\Y[YXH[X[[ܙ]8'[X[\'HHH\[\H\]\[HHY[\ ][B۞H ZH\ [ZK][HXKP[][HܛK][H\[XH ^BYK[X[[X\[Z][[\YۙHHH[XšܜH[\XYHYHH\Y[HY\]XX[[[ۙK\[B[\\[HX[Y\XHXYHH[[^H[]Y\YX\H[H[ܙHXX[[و\HH[\[X[Y\ ۙHوH\Y\ [Y\^\x&]HY] ][\ܝ\۸&]]BH]H[]YH\H]H[HۙK][H8'][ [^\Y[HX\\K'HR܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ][\ܝ[XZ[[\ܝ[]^X^P][\ܝ˘H \\][ۜܝ[]^X^P][\ܝ˘H܈[ ͋MM [Z[X[Z]XY^[KH NB