Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 16

A True Family Resort “We are not a resort that (simply) allows kids. We are a family resort,” is the perspective that the affable general manager and industry veteran, Scott Robbins shared with Family and Faith Magazine. “We target the entire family and every age group. So when we do something, like our waterpark, we target every age that’s going to come in,” he delightfully explained. Hence the zero (age) entry pools for “the little babies that don’t even walk yet.” Toddlers can of course also enjoy those zero entry pools plus another area I call the ‘water playground’, designed with an array of bright colours and spurts of water all around. Then there are the exhilarating water slides of varying inclines that pack a super adrenalin punch. And after all that excitement there’s the lazy river that wraps around the waterpark and the comfortable cabanas for hanging out, having a drink or falling asleep.