Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 15

W eeks after we returned from the exceptional Jewel Resorts in Runaway Bay, our family fondly pined and reminisced about the amazing time we had at the beautiful property in St. Ann, Jamaica – the exhilarating water park, relaxing pools and refreshing beach; the delectable cuisines and exciting restaurants that catered to picky eaters like us with diverse tastes and diets. We laughed out loud when we remembered the electrifying game of laser tag and the numerous times Nia—Ashley stealthily hit the bulls eye in a game of archery at the fun-filled Red Ruby Ranch. Nia-Ashley (10 years old) and her sisters, Zoe-Marie (8 years old) and Sarah-Rene (5 years old), continue to boast about making their very own scrumptious pizzas and the spacious accommodations which perfectly suited our unique family of 5! Our beautiful Plungepool Oceanfront one-bedroom butler-serviced suite provided a superb blend of relaxation and luxury, laid out to allow perfect proximity for the girls to Warren and me, while affording us grownups real privacy and intimacy, if you know what I mean. Plus the swim-up pool on our patio was simply the icing on the cake! And so dear Family and Faith Magazine readers, it’s official - our family has found a Jewel that we will treasure for a long time to come and are looking forward to our next amazing stay at the ‘funtastic’ family-focused resort. We wholeheartedly concur with the property being selected as one of the Top Hotels for Families in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards for Hotels in 2015. 15