Family and Faith Magazine Issue 9, Summer Edition - Page 10

FAITH CAMILLE DAVIS Comes to Christ! HAILING FROM KETTO DISTRICT IN THE PARISH OF WESTMORELAND, BELOVED ACTRESS CAMILLE DAVIS ALWAYS HAD A HEART FOR GOD. With a grandmother who was a pastor as her main parental figure, maybe she had no choice. “It was always church, school and home,” she told Family and Faith Magazine. The effervescent actress, who was nicknamed ‘Evangelist Davis’ as a child, was very active in church. “I use to sing for my church, go out to competitions and rallies, so from that age they saw that I loved God so they bestowed that name on me.” Camille also recalls having a ‘visitation from God’ as a child through a cherished dream and maintains that she has always been a praying person. Nevertheless, she had certain fears about fully surrendering to God. 10