Family and Faith Magazine (Christmas Edition) - Page 4

CHRISTMAS 30Christmas GIFT IDEAS FOR G ift-giving is an important part of Christmas celebrations for many families. Family and Faith Magazine is pleased to present 30 gift ideas to help you express your deep and abiding love this holiday season. Gifts range from the free and inexpensive to the pricey. Go ahead and see which ideas could work for you! 1. 2. Refurbish or reupholster mom or dad’s favourite chair for their after work relaxing pleasure. A good upholsterer may not cost too much especially if its only one chair. If your loved is an animal lover, how about a puppy from the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) or someone who just had a litter? This can be a great inexpensive gift if thought through properly. 3. Nicely packaged homemade fruit cakes are always a hit. If you can’t bake simply purchase them from the store! 5. 4. A Bible along with a useful case, notebook and accessories for easy organized bible study. By the way – the patois bible may add a whole new dimension to understanding the scriptures! 6. An alarm clock to help children manage their sleep and wake up times, without you have to give them a cell phone. 9.“ New children’s book – We Don’t Hate Mondays Anymore – is a sure winner for children ages 8 to 14. To secure a copy visit or call 470-9147 7. If your mom, daughter or sister is a ‘naturalista’ how about a beautifully packaged collection of Castor Oils, Coconut Oils and Shea Butter or maybe the Wen products? 8. A specially branded cushion with the recipients’ name and maybe a beloved quote or scripture verse embroidered or printed beautifully on the fabric. SHARON REDWOOD When you have young children you expect to get the usual cards from school or dad preparing a surprise for you and they come to you excited that they have a surprise for you. The most heart warming gift I have ever received was on a Mother's Day. I was at home with the children and Dad was on air (radio), I was trying to relax yet my mind was on getting up to prepare breakfast for the children. Then in came al