Family and Faith Magazine (Christmas Edition) - Page 20

EDITOR'S CHOICE REJUVENATE AND RELAX WITH Ital Blends! W e have been using the delightful handcrafted soaps from Ital Blends for a few weeks now and we couldn’t be cleaner, softer and happier! My absolute favourite is the Sunny Citrus. I love the natural ingredients, how it lathers and cleans and the bursting citrusy smell! Warren uses the textured healing O’Honey bar. “ My absolute favourite is the Sunny Citrus. 20 ” Recently we took a trek up the cool mountainous St. Andrew Terrain into Irish Town and finally to the small boutique cottage factory where Ital Blends’ enchanting handcrafted soaps are made with love, precision, the softness of the mountain breeze, warm sunlight and of course goat’s milk! The passionate and meticulous Ital Blends’ Creator, Michelle Yap took us through the organic process involved with making the O’Honey soap. “All of the magical properties are in the Goat’s Milk” she beamed proudly, being the pioneer of goat’s milk soaps in Jamaica. Here are the 4 main things Warren and I absolutely adored about making soaps and about the Ital Blends brand!