Family and Faith Magazine (Christmas Edition) - Page 10

“ If 13 or 14 years ago, you told me that I was going to be a pastor, I’d laugh… but the bible says that every step of a righteous man is ordered, ” Foot-Stomping, Easygoing Church on a Friday A typical Friday evening at True Word and Worship Church in New Kingston is always easygoing, energizing and relaxing all at the same time. With worship led by Pastor Tucker, who is normally donned in jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved shirt, attendees can be seen on their feet singing and dancing in praise and eventually enthralled in heartfelt anointed worship. The worship session is followed by a practical and sometimes hilarious sermon, prayer and oftentimes prophetic words for individuals seeking answers from the Lord. Parents can take their children along with them to church and experience a little break since in an adjacent room, all the kids are hosted by Trudy, a trained teacher by profession and her daughter Paige, a gentle mentor for the younger children. It’s certainly not typical to go to a full church service on a Friday night but the fun, fellowship and freedom are certainly what people had been searching for at the end of the work week.But how did the idea of planting a church come about? Prior to returning to Jamaica, Pastor Tucker studied Theology and Psychology in the United States of America and served as Pastor, Preacher and Worship Leader in several churches. Through a series of prophetic words and his own sensing of God’s call on his life, Pastor Tucker was lead to return to his homeland to plant a church. Still, he admitted that becoming a Pastor was never his plan. “If 13 or 14 years ago, you told me that I was going to be a pastor, I’d laugh… but the bible says that every step of a righteous man is ordered,” Tucker shared. Explaining the meaning of the church’s motto No Perfect People Allowed, Pastor Tucker said, “One of the mistakes that we make is trying to get perfect before we come to church so I am saying no, come, we will help you towards perfection as we ourselves are being made perfect. So it is Christ who does the perfecting and he uses the church to do it.” He added that catering to the whole man is intentional in his ministry and that life application is a key approach used during his sermons. Since the official launch and ordination service on November 7, True Word and Worship has been meeting on Sundays at 10am. Certainly the fun, easygoing approach will remain. 10 Marriage and Family Life Although Trudy is a devoted behind-the-scenes supporter of Pastor Junior’s ministry, he wisely maintains that she is not married to his calling. “One of the things you don’t want to do is to make someone feel that because ^H\