Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 8

KIDS' CORNER The Miracle of Love (Inspirational Christmas speech by 11year-old Judah-Nathan Lewis, Vice President, Student Government Porter Centre For Knowledge) Good evening parents, PCFK staff, fellow students and friends. I am Judah-Nathan Lewis, the Vice President of the Student Government. It is my pleasure to share with you a true story, which I will entitle... The Miracle of Love. In Biblical times, a prophecy came that the Messiah would come to deliver the whole world from sin. In due course, this came to pass, when God the Son, came in the form of a human baby boy. He was named Jesus. He came to die for our sin and to take the punishment that all of us deserved. How humble! How noble! How loving! What should we learn from this heroic act? How can this story change all lives forever? The answer is simple! We can learn to love others and to put others before ourselves. You do not have to be crucified on a cross, but you can just do something as small as giving a present to someone unfortunate! I am challenging you each and every one of you to give a Christmas present to an unfortunate person representing the true meaning of Christmas. The result of this might not be immediate. As time lapses, however, you may be surprised by the impact of your act of kindness. A simple act of kindness like this could lead to some very spectacular positive happenings in our homes, our school, our nation and even around the world! Trust this eleven year old boy and the Lord's example. I will close with, Merry Christmas and do remember...The Miracle of Love! 8