Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 6

HOW TO MAKE UP WITH THAT ESTRANGED LOVED ONE This Christmas S ome of us can’t truly enjoy the Christmas season as much as we would like to because of the numbing pain of a broken relationship or friendship. Amidst the festivities, the delectable cuisine, the flickering lights and the joy all around, we feel the emptiness, loss and hurt of not being in fellowship with someone very special, someone who was very close to us, but based on something that happened or didn’t happen, the relationship is strained and you are no longer on good terms. Whether you are the person who was hurt or the one who did the hurting, Family and Faith Magazine is pleased to share some practical insights on how to restore a broken relationship. We spoke with the extremely knowledgeable and experienced Dr. Barry Davidson, respected Christian counselor and CEO of Family Life Ministries, who told us about some of the key elements for reconciliation – forgiveness, remorse and rebuilding trust. “ Forgiveness is an act of will. ” Have you truly forgiven the person who hurt you? Forgiveness is perhaps the most frequently discussed issue when it comes to restoring relationships. Maybe because it is something the Lord Jesus has required of believers: “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32). To ca 䁽Ёѡ)ͽͽ́ͅѡЁɝٕ)́ͥ䁄ͥѡЁݔ͕)Ѽéݽɐ Ё܁)܁ݡԁٔձ䁙ɝٕͽ)ɑѼȸ٥ͽՔɝٕ)́ݡѡͽݡ݅́Ё́)ͥѥѼݥ͠ѡȁݕ!ͼѽ)䁅Ѡ5饹ݡЁͥ)Ѽѡ`ԁѡ́Ёɝٕϊd((؁兹ѡ饹(+ɝٕ́́Ёѡݥ%Ё́Ё)ͽѡȁԁٔ)ȁɔݥѼɝٔ+ɝٕٕ́́䁍ѱ丁%ЁЁ)́!)Ё́ѼЁԁȁɥ5)ѥ̰ѡ٥ѥ݅́Ѽ͕ѡЁͽ(ݡЁѡՙȰͼѼɕ䁑)ѡЁԁeЁ݅ЁѡѼՙȁ́ѱ)ѡЁ͕͔+ɝٕ́͡ձɕ͕ٕɉ)丁eԁѼѼͅ)Ѽѡͽa$ɝٔ׊dѕѡ)ᅍѱݡЁԁɔɝ٥ѡȸ+ɝٕ́́Ёѥͼԁɔ)ЁѼͅѼѡͽa$ɝٔ)ԁɽ͔ѡЁԁݥٕȁ)ѡ́d+ɝٕ́́Ёͥa$e)ɝٔ׊dɕ䁵̃a$ݽe)ɝٔԻd()%Ё́Ѽ)ͽݡ́Ёݽѡ()9ٕѡ́ɝٕ́́䁽)ɕѥѡȁхЁЁ)ɕեаݡȸ٥ͽх)́ѡɕͥ䁽ѡȸqeԁٔ)ѼɝٔɑȁѼаɑ)ѼͥѥѼɕ Ё)eЁٔѼЁѕȁԁٔɝٕѡ)ͽԁ䰁Ёȁɝٕ́)ͥɔٕԁeЁЁѡͽt)!݅ɹѡЁԁٔɝٕ)ͽݡ́Ёݽѡ䁅ԁ)ѼЁѡЁͽԁɔͥ)͕Ѽȁȁݡɕѥ)́Ёͥq)хѡЁѽ́́ѡЁѡ䁕Յє)ЁݥѠɝٕϊЁЁ́ͽѡ)ѡЁ́ɹ]Ѡɕɑ́Ѽѡͽݡ)ѕȁѡͽݡͥ䁅͕)́ݥȁᅵȁȁѼ)ȁݽձt)ȸ٥ͽ͡((