Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 23

MOST INSPIRATIONAL ADVICE YEAR IN REVIEW 2016 FROM FAMILY AND FAITH MAGAZINE Women of 2016! Kandi-Lee Crooks on Making Decisions: Whenever situations or opportunities present themselves, I place them before God. Like David, I ask ‘Should I go Up, Lord?’ I am constantly asking for His direction. I guess that is a manner of praying without ceasing. It’s that heart to heart conversation that happens even without any forced effort. It’s that subconscious connection that keeps my spirit conscious and my mind conscientious at the same time. - Kandi-Lee Crooks is the Principal at Allman Town Primary and a Lasco’s Principal of the Year Dr. Arlene Rose on Hand ling Difficult Relationships Are you trying to force a fellow human being to change? It is only God who can change the heart of others. It may be time to open your own heart and accept that which cannot change. Seek counsel to find out if there are things you can do to make your relationship with the other person better, especially if it is a family member or your child. Failing that it may be time to take a step back and allow your heart to release responsibility for that person over to God, who is ultimately responsible. Just this single shift in mindset can be very liberating. - Dr Arlene Rose is the head physician and proprietor of the Jamaica Centre for Advanced Medicine Samantha Gooden on Insecurity And Beauty I recently cut my hair and the way I grew up “a woman’s hair is her beauty” so cutting my hair to centimeters from my scalp was a scary process for me. It was an act of necessity but in that moment, I started to think about my beauty and get concerned about the shape of my face and whether people would want to relate to me with no hair. The size and darkness of my beady eyes, the shape of my nose and the color of my skin came into question. References of beauty that I didn’t think of had come to the surface. So to overcome it, I reached out to some of my friends who had done something similar and asked them some of the hard questions. I asked them what motivated them to make the move, how they felt about it and I shared my fears with them. These supportive women from around the world walked me through it and were the first ones to see what I looked like with no hair ݡ$ѡɅͥѥ(Mѡ́ѕɹѥٽЁѥєݡɕѱɕ͕ȁմMɽ()Ѽٕхх䁥ѡ͔ɕ̰ɔ͕Ѽɕѥ͡)%ԁ݅ЁȁѕѥѹȁѼمɕɕͥٔ)̰݅Ё͕͔́ȁԁѼЁЁ܁ݡԁɔٕ͕́ݕ(Q!Ʌ吁ɕ́Mхє5ѕȁȁՍѥeѠ%ɵѥ)兹ѡ饹((