Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 21

FAITH “ The world should remember Dominic as an example of what a young Jamaican man represents. could regurgitate historical and current facts about team and individual performances, wages of professional players/athletes and coach statistics. He was a strong-willed person, had his own view and opinion on everything and articulated it with decisiveness and confidence. As a footballer, he was dedicated to the sport, committed to his team, a student of the game. He was always seeking to improve his game and was his own harshest critic. He would always humbly listen to and accept comments or criticism from persons no matter who they were. Of course, he would then analyze, process and determine what to take seriously and what to discard. Illness and serious injury were the only things that would keep him off the field. Football was his life. If he was not on the field of play, he would be watching it on TV or YouTube, reading about it or playing FIFA’s latest edition on the Xbox. Dominic’s belief in God grew with him. As he experienced answer to prayer and saw and heard about how God works, his own faith increased even more than we his parents knew. We were truly blessed to hear his peers speaking of his encouragement to them to pray about their own issues and to trust God. We found this remarkable. Family and Faith Magazine: How does your faith in God help you to come to grips with the passing of your beloved son? David and Denise: Our faith, along with the prayers of many faithful persons, has certainly upheld us from the very first moment of his passing. Without it we would not be able to share this testimony. Although we have not fully come to grips with his departure, God has definitely been our supporter, comforter and burden-bearer. Words fail us. It is at this time that we learn the importance of establishing your faith so that when the hard times come we can stand. (I Peter 5:10). Additionally, we have the assurance that we will be re-united with Dominic (II Samuel 12:23(last sentence) “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” Thank you to all who have been praying for our strength you prayers are being answered. Please continue to intercede on our behalf, as it is a very challenging journey. ” Family and Faith Magazine: What do you want Jamaica and the world to remember most about Dominic? David and Denise: The world should remember Dominic as an example of what a young Jamaican man represents. Too often we only get the bad news. Everyday across Jamaica there are young men who are achieving great, positive things. We hope Dominic’s passing will encourage these young men to continue to pursue their dreams even if it takes the world a while to notice, and to make use of the opportunities afforded them in school and in other spheres of life. We hope the young Christian men will recognize that it pays to live up to the principles of the Bible and to be encouraged to share their faith with others. We want Jamaica (in particular the young men) to remember Dominic as a young Christian man who set his goals and worked assiduously toward achieving them. He recognized the importance of maintaining a high academic and intellectual standard while excelling in his favourite endeavour. Additionally, remember him for how he treated people of all levels with respect and love. He earned the recognition of his Y\XX\[Z[KX\[X[H\[\HHZ[š[\[[\^Z[H[Z[]H[^]Hو\H܈XB\XYH[ۛۋ[Z[H[Z]XY^[N\[\Z][[[H˜YHYZ[XZK[H܈ܝ\H\X\X\ۏ•]YHZH[X]]‘]Y[[\NZ[XYܝ\\X\[ܛ[œ\XH]\ \XX[HHXZ٘\ H\X\Y^H\˜[HXZHHYܜو[Z[[ˈ]\H\]B]Y[ X\Y[X\]][ۜˈHZY[]]\Y[[\][\[\[Z[HY[X\˂[Z[H[Z]XY^[N][[H[Y[X\Z[X™\[HY^\‘]Y[[\NH[\]\ܘ]\YH8$H[ܘY]œ[Y[X\[H\XX[H]\[YK[Z[X[Z]XY^[KH B