Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 20

FAITH “We will be re-united with Dominic” PARENTS OF THE LATE FOOTBALLER DOMINIC JAMES SPEAK W hen children of God pass away, their loved ones have the hope that they will see them again soon. That is one of the blessed assurances of having faith in the Christ who we celebrate during this holy Christmas season. Family and Faith Magazine is very pleased to share the hope and heart of the parents of 18-year-old Dominic Alessandro James who passed away suddenly while doing what he loved earlier this year. Known among his peers to be a young man of faith, Dominic’s Christian walk was solid for good reason since both his parents also dedicated their lives to the Lord from a young age – David, his father at age 16 years and Denise, his mother at age 10. They maintain that “God is the foundation and head of our household” and that “we pray about everything.” The couple who will be celebrating 26 years of marriage this December have been members of the Maverley Gospel Hall and over the years they have served in various ministries including sports, camp counseling and the choir. Fun and relaxation for the Christian family was mainly centered around Dominic’s football activities – training, matches (schools and clubs) and watching European football on TV as well as eating out with friends, driving to the country to visit relatives and travelling overseas when possible. But outside of his football activities, who was the exemplary young man whose sudden passing broke the hearts of so many Jamaicans? His devoted parents share with Family and Faith Magazine. “ Known among his peers to be a young man of faith, Dominic’s Christian walk was solid... 20 ” Family and Faith Magazine: Tell us about Dominic as a son, a footballer and as young man who believed in God. David and Denise: Dominic was a well-behaved child. We believe that came from the fact that from his early years he was a good listener. He would process information, ask a question or offer some argument or analysis if he was not convinced. Over the years, coaches in particular would comment that they could rely on him to listen and execute instructions whether in training sessions or in competition. Often, for example in church, when one would believe he was not paying attention, he would later surprise us with a comment about the sermon or a question about something that happened during the service. This was also displayed in his wide knowledge of sports. For one so young he