Family and Faith Magazine Christmas Edition Issue 11 - Page 13

William Mahfood BUSINESS TITAN AND MAN OF FAITH W ith a smile as disarming as his warm personality, William Mahfood, Chairman of the Wisynco Group and former President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, has earned the trust and respect of many Jamaicans, especially with his stable compassionate leadership of the Wisynco Group after the devastating fire earlier this year. For our Christmas edition, Family and Faith Magazine is very pleased to provide a glimse into his heart, mind and life as a business titan and a man of faith. “ Be true to yourself, never cut corners on the values... Family and Faith Magazine: What do you love most about the Christmas holidays? William Mahfood: It is a time to celebrate the fact that Jesus came and was born to save us from eternal sin. It is also a special time for family to get together and celebrate and give thanks. ” Family and Faith Magazine: Tell us about your most heartwarming Christmas memory. William Mahfood: I think one of the most memorable Christmases was when my entire family went and stayed in Port Antonio. My three sisters were there with their families and having all of them and my parents and children together was very special. Family and Faith Magazine: How does your Christian faith impact your life as a businessman and as a leader? William Mahfood: It is a major part of the value structure that I have maintained in my everyday life, especially in my business dealings. I expressly focus on the values of humility, as a priest once said that “true humility can only be obtained when we see better in everyone than ourselves.” Family and Faith Magazine: What is your wish for Jamaica in 2017? William Mahfood: I wish that there will be justice for our people, that our leaders put the people of Jamaica in front of their own personal needs and desires, and improve the quality of our education/health and security systems for a better country. Family and Faith Magazine: What advice would you offer young entrepreneurs who have a big dream for business in 2017? William Mahfood: Be true to yourself, never cut corners on the values that are important to sustaining any business, focus on the development of your people and relationships with your customers. SAH