Family and Faith Magazine August-September 2015 - Page 9

BACK TO SCHOOL DADDY KERRON TELLS US ABOUT HIS FAMILY, THE McCALLAS » Q1. Answer Boy 4, Boy 14, Boy 17 and Girl 19 » Q2. Answer Infant school, Kingston College, Kingston College and the Caribbean Maritime Institute. » Q3. Answer 5am. » Q4. Answer Cereal...very easy. » Q5. Answer Buy lunch at school. » Q6. Answer Chicken and rice, chicken and rice and chicken and rice lol, all different ways! » Q7. Answer Weekdays for the 4 year old, between 8pm and 9pm, for the others, well I leave at 6 in the mornings; if you are not in the car you will be left. » Q8. Answer She is now old enough to do it herself but I use to send her to the hair dresser every other month (twist curl). » Q9. Answer Most parents want the best for their children, I am no exception. » Q10. Answer FUNDS FUNDS FUNDS. 9