Family and Faith Magazine August-September 2015 - Page 8

BACK TO SCHOOL MOMMY PAULA TELLS US ABOUT HER FAMILY, THE BARRETTS » Q1. Answer I have 2 girls 14 months and 4 years old. » Q2. Answer Our infant stays home while our 4-year-old attends Glowell Prep » Q3. Answer Between 5am and 5:30 am. » Q4. Answer Cheese sandwich and milk, oatmeal porridge or chicken nuggets and fried dumplin and milk. The options are based on nutritional value, convenience/time and heavily hinged on the children's preference to ensure they eat. Fruit is sent to school as mid-morning snack. The infant usually has some kind of porridge and fruit as mid-morning snack. 8 » Q5. Answer Lunch is bought at school (convenience) for the 4-yr-old, while my infant may have soup or boiled banana, pumpkin and mackerel choice is based on nutritional value to create a balanced meal. » Q6. Answer Rice and peas and chicken with veg. (Leftover from Sunday), mac and cheese with shredded pumpkin and franks, boiled dumpling and irish potato and stewed chicken with carrots. » Q7. Answer On a weekday it is 8.30pm and on weekends by 9.30 p.m. they should be sleeping. » Q8. Answer Hair is washed and cornrowed on the weekend. » Q9. Answer It was conveniently located near to home for pickup and drop-off at the time and was affordable, when compared with other schools in the area. » Q10. Answer They both will be starting new schools which will require a change in our schedule, so adjusting to the changes associated may prove challenging for all of us.