Family and Faith Magazine August-September 2015 - Page 16

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2015 | ISSUE 6 Live|Love|Pray|Together HOW MARRIED MEN SHOULD INTERACT with Single Ladies IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME - BACK TO SCHOOL ADVICE FROM JAMAICA'S LEADERS 'THE WHOLE SCHOOL IS ONE CLASS' God's Purpose AND THE BENEFITS OF HOMESCHOOLING FOR THE WATSONS READ THE COMPLETE TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR How Daddy Gets Involved β€œ ...have great fun and importantly, keep God at the centre of learning. ” An experienced singer, worship leader and musician, Michael Watson, an Information Technology (IT) professional, who has a full time job and an IT firm, teaches music to the children and Lynier couldn't be more pleased with his overall support. "He supports me with everything that I am doing. He is the principal, he finances everything, all the materials that we need. My husband is a provider and he provides for them educationally. I have a great man," said a gushing Lynier, who has been married to Michael for 10 years. For him, the decision to homeschool has been very fulfilling. β€œOne of the biggest things for me is that she (Lynier) tailors her teaching for the children. She is able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child and she uses her creativity. She looks for unique ways to break any barriers to learning,” Michael told Family and Faith Magazine. As the Watsons prepare for the new school year in a few weeks, undoubtedly Michaela and Michael will continue to learn at their own pace, perform well academically, have great fun and importantly, keep God at the centre of learning. SAH Send comments to 16 FREE AND SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT THE PUBLICATION. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: familyand