Fall & Winter 2020/2021 Program Guide Sept. 2020 v2 - Page 36

Recreational Pre-Pointe / Pointe Dancers will develop strength and alignment in feet and ankles to improve ballet technique and to dance on pointe .
Recreational Conditioning Class An hour-long class that focuses on building core strength , increasing endurance and flexibility . Students will learn to use their own body weight through a variety of exercises including , but not limited to pilates , yoga and strength exercises . This class targets cardio , core arms and legs to condition the dancer ’ s full body . Highly recommended for all dancers !
The Intensive Training Program is for dancers who would like to push themselves as dancers , without the obligation of competition . We encourage our dancers to train a minimum of 5-6 hours a week in the following classes : Ballet , Jazz , Acro , Contemporary and Hip-Hop .
Enriched Intensive Training Program Created for high-level dancers who are dedicated to developing their technique and artistry at a pre-professional level , this program provides focused training in Ballet , Pointe , Repertoire , Contemporary and Conditioning .
Adult Barre Fitness Specifically designed to tone , strengthen and lengthen your muscles , this dance-based conditioning class will have you working your whole body ! Improve your coordination , flexibility , and overall strength , as you dance to inspiring music and sculpt your arms , legs , glutes and core ! No dance experience required .
Adult Hip-Hop This class provides a fun , active and creative outlet for adult students who want to develop coordination , strength and endurance while learning hip-hop choreography and the fundamentals of freestyling . Dancers will learn the footwork first and then slowly add in arm choreography . Stay active by breaking , locking and popping to the latest music and old school hip-hop beats . No dance experience required .
Adult Ballet Ballet is a form of dance that opens the doors to many other styles . Practice the grace and elegance of this highly technical form of dance . Develop strength , flexibility and endurance for the proper performance of ballet while also learning the importance of creating beautiful lines , form and ballet posture . All are welcome to try this beautiful style of dancing . No dance experience required .
4-week , 6-week , 8-week and 10-week package options available for all adult classes Geared towards adults who are interested in full-body exercise , these classes provide a complete body workout , which will improve muscle tone and posture . Everyone can benefit from developing their strength , coordination and flexibility . No prior experience is necessary - just come out and have fun !
NEW ! Adult Tap This adult class is designed for beginners who love tap ! Students will work toward establishing fundamental tap movements and will practice basic rhythms and steps that progress into fun and lively dance combinations . Tap dancing is a great way to develop musicality , timing and balance . No previous tap experience necessary .


› Acceptance into the Full Time and Part Time competitive program is by invitation or audition only .
› Note that ballet is a prerequisite to our Full Time and Part Time competitive companies .
› Contact the DanzArts Toronto Dance Administrator 647-954-9868 / dance @ danzartstoronto . com or visit villacharities . com
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