Fall & Winter 2020/2021 Program Guide Sept. 2020 v2 - Page 9

» COMMITTED TO KEEPING YOU SAFE Villa Charities is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all guests and attendees. Our on-site cultural events and presentations will follow strict safety measures, in compliance with public health recommendations and provincial guidelines. All indoor and outdoor events will follow current government regulations. CULTURAL TUESDAYS Presented by Villa Charities, Cultural Tuesdays is a series of free illustrated talks at the Columbus Centre designed to engage our community on a wide range of topics, spanning from culture, lifestyle, history, cuisine, art and much more. Each month we present a series of events with a specially curated theme. Price: A `Pay What You Can' program. Donations welcome at the door. Location: Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre September 2020: Scuola Veneta - Famous Venetian Painters Presented By: Violante Binazzi Lecture 1: The Dialogue between Venice and Byzantium September 15 • 7:00pm • RSVP required This first lecture offers a quick historical vision of the Venetian Territory, the underlying Byzantine influences and the connection between Oriental and Occidental through art until the 15th century. Lecture 2: Bellini and the Birth of Tonal Painting September 22 • 7:00pm • RSVP required The second lecture deals with the birth of tonal painting of which the painter Giovanni Bellini was one of the main exponents. Tonalism, which developed around 1500 AD, constituted a revolution with respect to the Florentine school as related to the perception of colour. Lecture 3: Tiziano Vecellio September 29 • 7:00pm • RSVP required An analysis of the life and work of Tiziano Vecellio, the artist who combined the greatness of Michelangelo and the elegance of Raphael, to bring a new level of intensity to the colours of nature through his evocative brushwork. Lecture 4: Veronese and Tintoretto October 6 • 7:00pm • RSVP required The final lecture aims to be a comparison between the painting of two Venetian masters, Veronese and Tintoretto. After exploring their biographic rise to fame, the main works of these extraordinary painters will be compared. RSVP: villacharities.com/culturaltuesdays October & November 2020: Seven Decades of Fellini Presented By: Dr. Franco Gallippi This fascinating seven-part lecture series will commemorate Federico Fellini's one hundredth birthday (January 20, 2020) by taking a journey through the Maestro's filmography. Each lecture will be dedicated to a specific period of Fellini's career, by concentrating on dominant themes that characterize his films of the period in question. Whatever the decade, Fellini never ceased to explore the mystery of life with a sense of wonder. Each lecture ends with a clip from one of Fellini's films, followed by a Q&A. Lecture 1: Introduction: Fellini the Child October 13 • 7:00pm • RSVP required Lecture 2: Fellini's First Oscar: The 1950s October 20 • 7:00pm • RSVP required Lecture 3: Fellini's La Dolce Vita: Not so Dolce October 27 • 7:00pm • RSVP required Lecture 4: Fellini: One More Makes Eight and a Half November 3 • 7:00pm • RSVP required FALL & WINTER 2020 / 21 | 9