Fall & Winter 2020/2021 Program Guide Sept. 2020 v2 - Page 33

workshops Come learn the same step-by-step methods taught in our regular program in an intensive format in our workshops. Students will learn skills in drawing and painting that can be applied to their own projects. Whether you are an experienced artist or have never painted before, our instructors will tailor to your skill level. Now open on the third floor of the Columbus Centre join our regular program as a full-time or part-time student At the Academy of Realist Art – the only school of its kind in Canada – we teach students the academic skills for classical drawing and painting. Through our unique step-by-step process, you will master the skills and disciplines needed to create realistic fine art. We welcome students with all levels of experience, from professionals to absolute beginners. No prior formal training in the arts is required for you to begin our 4-level fundamental program. We offer flexible classes during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends, so whether you are pursuing art as a profession or a hobby there is a place for you at ARA. For more information on fees and schedules, please contact us at info@academyofrealistart.com or 416-766-1280. @academyofrealistarttoronto facebook.com/academy.realist.art academyofrealistart.com DRAWING THE STRUCTURE AND ANATOMY OF THE HEAD SEPT 21-25, 2020 Students will learn the anatomy of the head as a base for building the structure of the portrait. Working through a series of exercises and short poses with live models, students will learn the planes, proportions, and features of the face, and underlying anatomy. Instructor: Esteban Rodriguez. IN THE STUDIOS OF JOHN SINGER SARGENT AND HIS PEERS NOV 2-6, 2020 This workshop focuses on the classic alla prima portraiture style used by John Singer Sargent, one of the most influential direct painters of all time. Students will learn his wet-into-wet technique, which allows us to paint in a very quick and efficient way with expressive and realistic results. Instructor: Esteban Rodriguez. PORTRAIT DRAWING FROM LIFE NOV 13-15, 2020 Students will be guided from beginning to end in achieving a stronger likeness in capturing a portrait. We will cover the structure of the head, focusing on proportion and placement of the features. Special attention will placed on the planes, forms, and volumes of the face. Instructor: Fernando Freitas. IN THE STUDIOS OF BOUGUEREAU NOV 30-DEC 4, 2020 William Bougeuereau’s impeccable drawing skills and facility in depicting form are widely admired, making his work some of the best to study to learn to paint realistically. Students will learn a series of repeatable steps, ultimately leading to a painting of the highest finish. Instructor: Fernando Freitas. SKETCHING THE FIGURE FROM LIFE JAN 15-17, 2021 Learn the art of figure drawing using our step-by-step method. Students will work directly from the nude, learning the basics of gesture, proportion, and morphology. Students will then render using big form and small form modeling to obtain a dramatic three-dimensional figure. Instructor: Fernando Freitas. STILL LIFE PAINTING JAN 22-24, 2021 Students will explore all aspects of painting, including brushwork, form, and colour. Students will learn how to combine traditional layering methods with modern wet-into-wet paint application, for expressiveness and efficiency without compromising quality or draftsmanship. Instructor: Esteban Rodriguez. PORTRAIT PAINTING FROM A PHOTO FEB 19-21, 2021 How can you select the best photo references to work from, and what special challenges will you need to tackle? Students will paint a portrait using a photo reference, learning what to keep and what to leave out. They will also learn painting fundamentals such as form, value, shape, colour theory, and the process of “finishing”. Instructor: Esteban Rodriguez. IN THE STUDIOS OF WATERHOUSE MAR 8-12, 2021 John William Waterhouse is one of Britain’s best-loved 19th century painters, whose innovative pictorial compositions feature many works inspired by Homer, Ovid, Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Keats. Working from a selected study, students learn the specific step-by-step process to achieve an exact copy, and gain a clear understanding of the principles of oil painting. Instructor: Fernando Freitas.