Fall & Winter 2020/2021 Program Guide Sept. 2020 v2 - Page 10

Lecture 5: Fellini Remembers: The 1970s November 10 • 7:00pm • RSVP required Lecture 6: Fellini and Berlusconi's TV: The 1980s November 17 • 7:00pm • RSVP required Lecture 7: Conclusion: The 1990s and Fellini's Legacy November 24 • 7:00pm • RSVP required RSVP: villacharities.com/culturaltuesdays » WE ARE NOW OFFERING "PAY WHAT YOU CAN" EVENTS. These programs are aimed at providing increased access to live performances and events for our entire community. Simply pay what you can before the start of each performance. Thank you for your support! DIASPORA SERIES: MULTICULTURALISM AND CULTURAL IDENTITIES IN THE 21ST CENTURY Price: A ‘Pay What You Can’ program. Donations welcome at the door. Location: Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre Reading and Presentation of “Ritorno alle Origini” Saturday, October 17 • 3:00pm • RSVP required Join Rosanna Lo Presti for a reading and presentation about her book “Ritorno alle Origini”. It is the story of a migrant who sought well-being in another country that was not possible in her own. In fact, in this story, the author has included much of her own story and experiences. Rosanna Lo Presti helps the reader understand the human side of being a migrant, the adversity they are faced with and the important goals that, with commitment and dedication, with love and passion, everyone can reach. This presentation will be predominantly in Italian. RSVP: villacharities.com/diaspora Reading and Presentation of “My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me: A Memoir" Saturday, November 28 • 3:00pm • RSVP required “My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me: A Memoir” is a powerful and witty coming-of-age story of fate versus free will. As the daughter of southern Italian immigrants joined in an acrimonious arranged marriage, Eufemia Fantetti weathered the devastating consequences of her mother’s treatmentresistant schizophrenia for years before moving to the West Coast to escape the constant turmoil. In her search for meaning beyond a host of ancestral superstitions — malocchio, maledictions and stregheria—she writes, cracks jokes, meets counselors, studies the sky for planetary alignment, consults her trusty tarot deck for guidance and visits her dad’s psychic healer for a prescription for prescience. Fantetti’s story is a darkly hilarious, tender chronicle of family, destiny and resilience. Presented by Dr. Gina Valle, Chair of Villa Charities Culture Committee. In conversation with Bruna Di Giuseppe-Bertoni, author and community member. RSVP: villacharities.com/diaspora 10 | FALL & WINTER 2020 / 21