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Aquatics NEW! PARENT & TOT PROGRAM PRESCHOOL PROGRAM (AGES 3 - 5) Spend quality time with your child while you both have fun and learn and socialize. Give your child a head start on learning to swim. The Lifesaving Society Preschool program helps your child to develop an appreciation and healthy respect for the water before these kids get in too deep. Through structured in-water interaction between parent and child, we stress the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills. We provide Lifesaving Society Water Smart® tips on keeping your child safe in any aquatic setting. Certified instructors provide guidance and answers to your questions. Because activities and progressions are based on child development, you register in the level appropriate for your child’s age: 4–12 months, 12–24 months, or 2–3 years. In our basic aquatic progressions we work to ensure 3 to 5-year olds become comfortable in the water and have fun acquiring and developing a foundation of water skills. We incorporate Lifesaving Society Water Smart® education in all Preschool levels. PRESCHOOL A Designed for the 4 to 12-month-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent. These preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We’ll help them jump into chest deep water. They will try floats and glide on their front and back, and learn to get their face wet and blow bubbles underwater. PARENT & TOT 2 PRESCHOOL B Designed for the 12 to 24-month-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent. These preschoolers learn to jump into chest-deep water by themselves, and get in and get out wearing a lifejacket. They’ll submerge and exhale underwater. While underwater and while wearing a life jacket, they'll glide on their front and back. PARENT & TOT 1 PARENT & TOT 3 Designed for the 2 to 3-year-old to learn to enjoy the water with the parent. 70 | COLUMBUS CENTRE PRESCHOOL C These youngsters will try both jumping and a sideways entry into deep water while wearing a lifejacket. They’ll recover objects from the bottom in waist-deep water. They’ll work on kicking and gliding through the water on their front and back. PRESCHOOL D Advanced preschoolers will l