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Athletics KARATE / TAI CHI / SELF-DEFENCE ADDITIONAL FEE FITNESS PROGRAMS • Weekly programs + Fall and Winter sessions. • Offered for Members and Non-Members. • All participants are required to register before the start of each session. (ADDITIONAL FEE CLASSES) FOR DATES, TIMES AND FEES, PLEASE SEE PAGE 57 ADULT KARATE Okinawan Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do is a complete system of self-defence designed for persons of all ages. Classes include gentle stretches, warm-up techniques (such as punches, kicks, intercepting strikes, combinations), kata (patterns) practice, ukemi (break-falls), joint locks and throws. Proper karate training helps to develop coordination, balance, improved concentration and confidence. Learn proper breathing techniques and effective use of ki energy (life-force energy). Emphasis is placed on karate history and philosophy. Practice for pleasure and for belt levels / certificates. ADDITIONAL FEE CLASSES (NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP) FENCING Do you want to learn a sport, an art and have a great workout at the same time? Fencing provides this and more. At Columbus Centre Athletic Club, we offer a 10-week introductory course where you will learn all the movements, terminology and strategy that goes into a very enjoyable recreational activity or a competitive sport. Must be 10+ years (exceptions may be made by the instructor). BEGINNER LEVEL This is an introduction to fencing, where you’ll learn the terms, steps and arm/hand movements to the sport. Beginner level is designed to fully prepare students for the experienced fencer program. Fencing equipment is provided. Jogging pants, running shoes and t-shirts are required. EXPERIENCED FENCERS You have completed the beginner program and will begin to understand the complexity of fencing. Students are continually improving on the foundational skills taught in the beginner program. Students in this program typically enter competition, although it is not a requirement. However, it is expected that students will have their own equipment at this stage. Instructor: Nik Lavorato INSTRUCTOR LEAD PROGRAM Beginner and Experienced Instructor Lead fencing programs are offered for 10 consecutive weeks. Most of our junior fencers have graduated to university teams. Fencing Membership Option: $45.00 / Month* For people who already know how to fence and simply want a facility to fence others. Designed to allow skilled fencers from other clubs who already know how to fence. Fencers are required to pay on a monthly basis and provide their own equipment. If club equipment is required, please discuss in advance with the instructor. Any equipment that is damaged must be replaced. FITNESS Instructors: Maria Galati & Edward Lakics BOXING (ADDITIONAL FEE CLASSES) OLYMPIC-STYLE NON-CONTACT BOX FIT Aspire to the lean muscularity and athleticism of the elite boxer and discover why boxing / kick-boxing is referred to as “the sweet science.” Learn the skills of a great sport and a proven method of self-defense. Coach Erico Mancini is an aficionado of Olympic-style boxing and kick-boxing with 30 years of experience in the sport. He worked as a provincial and national team coach and is currently completing both his Provincial and National NCCP Levels 4 & 5 (the highest formal levels of qualification and recognition in coaching). He is also certified in kick-boxing and kung-fu. Participants in Coach Mancini’s boxing and kick-boxing program will learn proper methods of punching, footwork, defense, combinations, setups, feints and much more. The biomechanical science underpinning both the conditioning and technical elements of Coach Mancini’s program sharply distinguishes it from the typical Box-exercise class, which only mimics boxing movements, often teaching students a poor technique that lends itself to injury. Whether in his non-contact or competitive program, students will learn to box. Instructor: Erico Mancini CHILDREN’S KARATE (Okinawan Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu) Children learn a complete system of self-defence with classes that are structured to teach self-discipline in a fun atmosphere. Students practice with gentle stretches, karate techniques, kata, ukemi and throws. Children develop coordination, balance, improved concentration and confidence. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing techniques and effective use of energy. Karate philosophy and history are taught in an age-appropriate manner. Practice for pleasure and for belt levels / certificates. Children must be 6 years of age