Fall & Winter 2018/2019 Program Guide VC18_FallWinterGuide_8p5x11_Web--AUGUST28 - Page 42

Child Care COMMUNITY CHILD CARE For more than 30 years, Columbus Centre has been providing the highest quality of child care to those within our community between the ages of 18 months and 12 years. During this time, we have built strong relationships that are founded on trust, allowing us to provide services to families for generations. Our experienced, professionally trained and licensed staff are committed to the well-being, safety and happiness of your child as they grow and mature in all aspects of life. At the Columbus Early Learning Centres adhere to the Ministry of Education’s set curriculum for child care centres. We have also implemented specific enrichment programs where special classes such as dance, yoga, "mad" science and Italian lessons are offered to ensure your child enjoys a broad and unique experience. ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS OFFERED • Dance • Yoga • Mad Science • Italian Lessons All Daycare Teachers are registered Early Childhood Educators and members of the CECE (C VvRbV&ǒ6F@VGV6F'2"V&ǒ6FB767FG2खFFFFW"G&VBB6W'FfVB7FfbvRfRƖ6V6V@7V6VVG2&W6W&6RFV6W'2f&RF767B7V6ƗVB&V2f"6G&VvF7V6VVG2"F6&ƗFW26V'W2V&ǒV&r6VG&W2vR&R&VBFffW"6W'f6W0FB&RFfW'6RVvvrB&VfV7BFRfVW2v6vPvW&RfVFVBf6BW"vV'6FRBf6&FW26f"&Rf&FW"6B6&R7FfbB&w&2BF6WFRFP&R&Vv7G&Ff&tRu$U0FFFW'2F2( 2"RV'0&W66W'2"R( 2BV'0FW&v'FVB( 2bV'066vW2b( 2"V'0$Tt5E$DBT%2D"T%04D5B66FVGF6VG&P3GVffW&7G&VW@ƖF6'0vW"6G&V2&w&0SCbssWB#C Vâ6'4f6&FW26УD2DBT%06V'W26VG&Pw&V6RfVVRr4TTE2bTD$u$7V'6G&fFVBFW6vVBFf7FW"66BVF6WFV6RV&ǐƗFW&762BGFGVFW26G&VF&VRFffRV'2bvRff6RW'3FFg&Fs( 2cТ$Td$RbeDU"44$u$Ґff6RW'3FFg&Fs( 2cХSCb#Sbc7V'6G&fFVB&6VB&fg&6GbF&FF&F6G&V6W'f6W2( @6B6&RfVR7V'6Gf"&Rf&FvFF&F6SCbssWB## 54U2d$R( @T4RT$RD2DBT%06VG&''W6VG&P3Cf7FfbfVVPff6RW'3FFg&Fs( 2cХSCbcCR@C 4T%U24TE$PdbtDU"#C0