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JOSEPH D. CARRIER ART GALLERY The Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery welcomes thousands of visitors annually. It was established in 1987 under the beneficent patronage of Toronto businessman, Joseph Carrier. Often referred to as “Toronto’s mini-Guggenheim,” the gallery has 21,000 square feet of exhibition space over three circular levels, topped by a giant skylight. The Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery is situated in the Columbus Centre. MANDATE The gallery features modern contemporary art in photography, painting, sculpture and design. Curators and volunteers conduct guided tours for more than 4,000 students every year. The gallery has displayed original work by international masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Piranesi, Picasso and others. Raphael, to their present-day contemporaries, art has been one of the great expressions of Italian culture, ideas and achievement. Today that tradition lives on as we celebrate the artistic expressions of artists from across the country in our Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. This season’s featured exhibitions include “Hold the Line,” recent works by Roberto Marra; “Il Presepe” presented by Centro Scuola; “Senzatetto: Homelessness” by Marco Sassone; and the "Viva Vitalità Italiana" art exhibition curated by Marcello Tarantino. For more information and a full schedule of upcoming art exhibitions at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, visit us online at villacharities.com. The gallery maintains a significant permanent collection of contemporary works of art. The Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery places strong emphasis on work by emerging, mid-career and senior Canadian artists of Italian heritage. We also promote cross-cultural, intergenerational understanding and appreciation, through socially relevant specific exhibitions. The Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery also hosts the traditional Presepe-Nativity Exhibition organized by Centro Scuola every year in December. From the Renaissance brilliance of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and GALLERY INFO Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm Admission: Free to the public We are wheelchair accessible. For more information contact: Cassandra Zannella, Arts & Culture Coordinator Phone: 416-789-7011 ext. 248 Email: cultural@villacharities.com 20 | COLUMBUS CENTRE March Break Camp PRICE REGISTRATION Camp course fees do not include HST, however HST may apply to additional services and products. REGISTER IN PERSON, PHONE OR EMAIL PAYMENT We accept credit cards, cheques, debit and cash (exact amount). Payment is due in full upon registration. T-SHIRTS Our campers wear t-shirts to help identify them; this is also for their safety. All camp course fees include one free shirt. (Note: Two free shirts per camper if registered in 3 or more sessions. Additional shirts can be purchased by visiting the Arts, Youth & Culture Department o ff6Rf"C5@V64TE6V'W26VG&P'G2WFb7VGW&RFW'FV@w&V6RfRrF&Fff6RW'3FFg&F( 2SФ6F7@FVv&fVF&V7F"b60SCbssWB330fCbs3SVâFv&fVf6&FW26ФUDTDTB4$P&rҒ( 2ФgFW&ҒC( 2cХDU$06&w&2&R7V&V7BF֖VV&VB6&Vv7G&F2&RG&6fW&&R6V'W26VG&P&W6W'fW2FR&vBFFW&֖FR6W.( 2V&VBbB2FR6VG&^( 2FBB2FR&W7BFW&W7BbFP6B"66V'W26VG&R&W6W'fW2FR&v@F66V"6&R62GVRFƖ֗FVBV&VB6V'W26VG&R&W6W'fW2FR&vBF6vR7G'V7FT$Œ$$@$Tt5E$D㠤T%N( 3#R#&Vv7FW"GW&rFRV&ǒ&&BW&BB&V6VfPC#Rfbf"V66W"&Vv7G&FDU"D44TE3$TeTBĔ56&ƖrF66VG3RRfbV6FFF6@vW"&6R&VgVG2gFW"&Vv7G&FBVB2&V6VfVBखFFF&VgVG2v&RvfVf"F2BGFVFV@GVRF66VGVR6vRf6FW72WF2FSF66VBv&RFVfb6fVW2@FFF6W'f6W2F66VG26B&R6&VB$p&rF( 2g&Fg&c( 2cg&VR&rBFW"FW2V6R&RGf6VBFBFR6V'W26VG&R2( U@t$^( Vf&VBtBDdTDTU""$PTDU"ԔE$rĕBĕB&6SC3RvVVgVFTDU"ԔE$rĕEtU22( 2RvRvV6RfVFVW'2F767BFR66V6V'27G'V7F'2vFFRFǒ7FfFW2WGFW"6vVFvrFP6WFVBW'26&R77VVBW&WVW7BFRĕB&w&&fFW26V"6W'2vFFR'GVGFFWfVVFW'662'VBFVv&62BFvfV&RvVFvRBWW&V6W2gVB6FfPVf&VBĕG2vFR&W76&ƗFW2766FV@vF7G'V7FrB6V6VƖrvR7F&Vr7WW'f6VBWGFW"6vVFvrFR6WFVBW'26&R77VV@W&WVW7BĕG2W7B&R&Vv7FW&VBf"֖VbPgVvVVgVFdTDTU%2bT%2BDU"76W2&RƖ֗FVBW7B&RV'2"FW"B'FƖ6P6V6g&F&FƖ6R6W'f6W2BW"v67BfVFVW'2&R&WV&VBFRFRfVRǒFWW7B&P6vVBWf"gVvVVgVFfVFVW"&6SC#RFW&6vRV6RFS&6W2f"ĕBBfVFVW'26VFRRg&VRfVFVW"B6'@B6WFb&VfW&V6RWGFW"&V6&BbfVFVW"W'0$dWGFW'2B$d&RFR'&WVW7BǒखbfVFVW"ĕBvVBƖRF'F6FRW"W7W'60B"7V6Gg&FV6WG&fVW2vǒ34T%U24TE$PdbtDU"#3