Fall Protection Market Analysis PDF-Fall On protection Market

Fall Protection Market Forecasts to 2024 and Analysis: Global Market Insights Inc. Fall Protection Market size is expected to witness extensive growth owing to broadening application of fall protection in various commercial and industrial sectors which has increased the scope of innovative products in this market. Fall protection market is propelled by worker safety norms created by government and various industries. Fall protection equipment are mainly used in transmission and power generation sectors. Increasing on-site training is another key drive to upsurge the market growth. Various organizations have made safety training mandatory to encourage workers to take part in on-site training programs. Growing safety concerns about overall safety in workers and increasing fleet size of emergency services have raised the demand of these equipment. Fall protection equipment are devices that are designed to prevent free fall from threatened working height in order to control injury. These tools are used for rescue purposes in various industries including manufacturing, mining, transportation, wind mills, construction, and oil & gas. ILO on strict worker safety norms is an emerging key driver that will accelerate the product market in the forecasted period. Based on its equipment’s, fall protection market is segmented into chest harness, full body harness, body belts, safety nets and suspension belts are commonly used in protection devices. Horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines and self-retracting lifelines are normally used in suspension belts. Full body harness is one of the major type of safety tool used by rock climber, construction worker, painter, and window washer. Safety net is fastest growing protection tool to prevent any mishaps mainly in construction industries and is expected to grow at the same rate in the forecasted period. Growing industrialization in infrastructures & buildings, oil & gas and manufacturing will fuel the market. Fall protection market is divided based on its applications into telecom, energy and utility, construction, production, transportation and other industrial sectors. Construction and energy & utility sectors hold the major use of these tools due to high end requirement of safety working conditions for workers. North American region is anticipated to be the leading market for fall protection equipment in recent years. Increase in several safety norms by government bodies and rising number of fleet emergency services is boosting the product market in the region. North America is expected to witness a steady growth in the forecasted years due to increased usage of safety tools in various industries including telecom, transportation and construction industry. The Shale gas boom in this region will also create potential opportunities in flourishing the fall protection market. Europe is another prominent region for fall protection market with increase in demand these safety tools used in rescue operations. The market is expected to grow at high CAGR with 1 | Page