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Herald Journal Publishing, Inc. PO Box 129 Winsted, MN 55395 PRESORT STANDARD ECRWSS U. S. POSTAGE PAID Herald Journal Publishing Inc. Postal Customer FALL August 29, 2016 Fall Destinations pages 1-2-11-12C Destinations Classifieds page 3-7C Going Out page 8-9C Places to go for autumn fun! Catching fall colors Celebrating 40 years of Family Fun! BY IVAN RACONTEUR Editor During the months of September and October, Minnesota’s forests become an artist’s palette of brilliant color as cooler temperatures trigger the transformation from summer greens to autumn reds, oranges, golds, and browns. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) publishes information on its website about the typical peak of fall color across the state, as well as updates on the status of fall color throughout the season. Those interested in finding the best color can even sign up to receive text or email fall color updates from the DNR by clicking the link at www.dnr.state.mn.us/fall_colors/index.html. Color seekers can also sign up for updates at www.exploreminnesota.com. What causes the colors? According to the DNR, four main groups of biochemicals are responsible for the various yellows, oranges, reds, and browns that we see in the fall. They include: • Chlorophyll • Carotenoids • Anthocyanins • Tannins Changes in the amount of these chemicals result in color changes from leaf to leaf and tree to tree. There is more to it than chemistry, though. According to Jana Albers, DNR forest health specialist in Grand Rapids, weather is the most critical factor in determining the colors displayed each fall. She notes colors are best when high quality foliage – a product of warm, moist summer – is exposed to sunny, cool fall days. While light frosts may help, hard freezes can ruin the display, according to Albers. Stress placed on trees can also affect fall colors. Temperature and moisture are important parts of the equation, as well. Where to see the best color The DNR provides information about the percentage of color change across the state, as well as conditions in each of the state parks. The Explore Minnesota website provides a list of 10 “Rainbow Routes” that color watchers can take to see a range of fall colors. 1. North Shore of Lake Superior Route: Hwy. 61, Duluth to Grand Portage Peak color: mid-September to early October Great color and great lake views, very popular with fall color fans. Several state parks with wilderness rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails and scenic overlooks. Yellow aspen and birch along shoreline, with scarlet maples inland along forest roads. Make sure you have a reservation for a place to stay, and try planning midweek trips to avoid the busiest travel periods. This has been designated as an “All American Drive,” one of only 15 routes in the country so noted for their outstanding scenery. For an inland view, take Hwy. 1 through the colors of the Superior National Forest to Ely. 2. Iron Range Loop Route: Hwy. 169 from Virginia to Tower, Hwy. 135 through Biwabik back to Virginia Peak color: mid-September to early October There’s a beautiful mix of color on this circle drive, but plenty of other highlights as well: a tour of the Soudan Underground Mine, two major golf courses at Giants Ridge – The Legend and The Quarry – and the US Hockey Hall of Fame at Eveleth. At Virginia, there’s an overlook of the area’s deepest open pit mine, and the new Mesabi Bike Trail. Open: Mon. - Sun. 10 am - 7 pm • Hayrides • Petting Zoo • Apple Picking • Corn Maze Week day Admission: Free admission $3 tractor rides Weekend Admission: $7 • 3 and under Free Free tractor rides The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides information about typical fall color periods, as well as updates from across the state throughout the season. IMAGE FROM THE MINNESOTA DNR 3. Edge of the Wilderness Route: Hwy. 38, Grand Rapids to Bigfork Peak color: mid-September to early October Scenic byway winds over hills through the colorful mix of pine and hardwoods of Chippewa National Forest. Return via Co. Rd. 7, and a side trip to beautiful Scenic State Park. Or, take one of the back roads through the forest, with stops at lakes and hiking trails. 4. Mississippi Headwaters Route: Hwy. 71 between Park Rapids and Bemidji, plus numerous other roads around these towns Peak color: mid-September to early October Itasca State Park, source of the mighty Mississippi River, is the star attraction. Lake Bemidji State Park, with its birch and pine, is another highlight. Surfaced bike trail in Itasca, and mountain bike trails in Bemidji State Park. Also, scenic biking along the nearby Heartland Trail. 5. Otter Tail County Route: Hwys. 108 and 78, and numerous county roads Peak color: late September to early October The rolling countryside between Fergus Falls and Perham is a blend of wooded hills, lakes, and farmland. Highlights are Maplewood and Glendalough state parks, historic Phelps Mill, and the view from Inspiration Peak, off Co. Rd. 38. 6. Brainerd Lakes & Mille Lacs Route: Hwy. 371 and 6, and the county roads between them, plus Hwy. 169 Peak color: late September to early October Gull, Pelican, and Cross lakes and the Whitefish Chain of Lakes sparkle amid woods of maple, oak, birch, and aspen. Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is an expanse of colorful forest at the edge of Mille Lacs, and an observation tower here offers fantastic views. Fishing, boating, golfing, and biking the Paul Bunyan Trail are favorite activities in this lake country. 7. St. Croix River Valley Route: Hwy. 95 from Taylors Falls to Afton Peak color: late September to mid-October The scenic St. Croix River winds through wooded hillsides and sheer cliffs. Four state parks feature great river ٥%ѕхє)]IٕȰ]?e ɥѽ) ɵѽݹ́Mѥ݅ѕȰQ屽̰́)ѽٔյɽ́ѥՔ)̸͡ Ёͥ́ɔɕЁȸ)Q́ɥٕٔ́ձȁѡ쁍ͥ)ݕ٥ͥЁѼٽݕɅ((กQݥ ѥ́Qɥ)IєAɭ݅́ɽչ5)̰5 ɕ5ͥͥ)MյЁٕՔ)A聱єMѕȁѼ=ѽ)܁ȁѥ́ЁՍѥհɥٕ̰ɕ䁥ѡ ɍ1ѡ%ͱ̰ ո!ɥа)9̰́٥ͥЁ5̸)QeɔѡɅIչ́M) ݅丁Q1MɕЁɐAɭ݅)ɥ́ٔɕЁ٥́ѡ5ͥͥ)ɑɕ䁍əհݽ̸ͥMи)AճéɕMյЁٕՔ́ɑɕ)хѕ䁡̸(丁5ͥͥIٕȁY)Iє!一āݕI])1 ɕ͍)A5=ѽ) ɵɥٕѽݹ́ݽՙ)ѡ5ͥͥMѕͥ́ɕ͕)ɥЁյՕ́ɕ͕Ё)MٕɅ͍ٕɱ̰Ց)ѡ͔ЁɽѕɕЁIٕȁ ՙ)хєɭ̸MٕɅɽͥх̸)Q́́ձȁɥٔͼȁх)ѥ(5ͽфIٕȁɥٔ)Iє I؁!一́ɽ )AѼ1MՕȰѡ!一Ѽ5Ѽѡ!一Ѽ9܁U)A聱єMѕȁѼ=ѽ)́ѡѡɥٕȰѡɥ啱܁ɑݽ́ѡЁɑ́́݅ѕ̸Iٕͥɭ́1MՕȰ)MиAѕȰ5Ѽ9܁Úݕ)ՙѽٕɱ́9܁UЁ5MхєAɬɅ́ѡɥٕɉ)ѡɔɔԵЁՉ݅ѕə́)ɕ((̤( Iذ)5ɥф58()5ѽ=ɍɑ̹()1Ս1=ɍɐ)=A8])MѕȀ9ٕ)QȸMո؁)ձM٥MиMո()] ?é51幍Mх݅эA()Mɑ䰁=иă܁((ԁI͔ٔ]ѕѽݸ)ܹՍɍɐ()́ѡMи ɽIٕ()MQ= ,A!=Q<()ȁѡ-ѱIٕ()MQ= ,A!=Q<() I1M=;eL=I !I -IdIMQUI9P)=A8MAQ5 H(́5ѝٔM\]ѕ((Դ()ܹɱͽͽɍɑ乍((0