Fall 2017 SAVI Online Magazine Emagazine Fall 2017 FINAL - Page 6

Young participants in Earth Charter Indiana’s summer “Climate Camp” use IndyGo buses to get around town as they learn about Indianapolis’ environmental initiatives. “Public transportation came up as the number one priority,” says Karissa Hulse, director of development and operations for IndyHub. “We represent a community that consists largely of choice riders. They have other options. They want to choose transit. And it’s not only about themselves. It’s about equality of opportunity for their neighbors, too.” But as things stand, IndyGo isn’t seen as a viable option for much of the membership. “A lot of the bus stops don’t have sidewalks, don’t have shelters, don’t have benches,” Hulse says. “The bus stop is literally just a sign in a ditch. And you’re not going to get people to go through the effort when that’s the case. It’s not that they’re deciding not to. It’s that it doesn’t even factor into their options.” Last year, IndyHub organized a series of monthly dinner outings for its members to help them overcome some of the barriers to 6 The report explores five groups of transit riders, why they use transit, and how they compare to the demographics of their home neighborhood. using public transit. They met near a certain stop and boarded the bus together, then took it to a stop near a restaurant. After dinner, Hulse and a representative from IndyGo