Fall 2017 SAVI Online Magazine Emagazine Fall 2017 FINAL - Page 3

CONNECTION BETWEEN TRANSIT AND JOBS Transit Riders’ Home Locations Transit Riders’ Destination Locations Riders’ homes are more evenly dispersed than their destinations. They live in almost all parts of the county, but are concentrated in denser neighborhoods with more jobs and housing. Riders’ destinations are clustered along transportation corridors, where commercial activity is concentrated. This makes sense, since 50% of trips are either going to or coming from work. Riders’ Neighborhoods County Average 6 People per Acre 12 Jobs per Acre 4 People per Acre 6 Jobs per Acre Riders’ neigh- borhoods are more dense than the county over- all, both in terms of jobs and people. 50% OF RIDERS TAKE TRANSIT TO OR FROM WORK 23% OF THOSE WOULD NOT HAVE MADE TRIP WITHOUT BUS THAT’S AN ESTIMATED 2,950 WHO WOULD NOT HAVE MADE THEIR COMMUTE WITHOUT THE BUS Sources: Lochmueller Group and ETC Institute, IndyGo On-Board Transit Survey Final Report (2017), 2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates via SAVI. For more information, contact Sharon Kandris, skandris@iupui.edu 3