Fall 2017 SAVI Online Magazine Emagazine Fall 2017 FINAL - Page 11

SAVI Advanced allows you to explore and identify patterns and trends to guide your research or decision- making in particular by allowing you to create Data Stories. Storytelling with data is an easy way to engage with stakeholders to justify the need for a grant, demonstrate program impact, or share research findings. You can build a narrative around your data, add interactive visualizations you create in SAVI-Advanced, and share YOUR STORY online. The first cohort of eight students started the program in July. The program builds on and expands the Institute’s previous work in helping students learn to use technology to analyze data, and it will serve as a model for training public health professionals nationwide. “The work we’re doing now can be transferred to other states, other regions,” Dixon says, “and go well beyond just what we’re doing in Indiana.” The program is especially exciting, according to Dixon, because it brings together the work and research of faculty across three partnering institutions—the Regenstrief Institute, the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health, and the Indiana University School of Medicine. SAVI is vital to the synergies created by that partnership, not only because of the data it supplies but because of the storytelling that it makes possible. “It’s one thing to produce a map or a chart,” Dixon says. “But if we’re going to be effective in changing health care policy, then we have to be able to tell that through narrative. There needs to be some story that connects it to broader issues.” 11