Fall 2016 Intersection Quarterly Review 2016 - Page 8

8 Interview with Dr. Danette Howard of Lumina Foundation Danette Gerald Howard, Ph. D. is Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President at Lumina Foundation, the nation’s largest private foundation focused solely on increasing student access and success in postsecondary education. Howard oversees several of Lumina’s key strategies to increase American’s attainment of high-quality post secondary degrees and credentials, including strategic work in both state and federal policy and the Foundation’s efforts to mobilize and engage employers, metropolitan areas, higher education institutions, and other key actors with a stake in postsecondary attainment. George: Could you please describe the we make, every meeting that we host, mission and goals of Lumina Foundation? every opportunity that we have to be a though leader in this space is all devoted Dr. Howard: Lumina Foundation is the to that one singular mission and goal. It only national foundation that has a sole is privilege to be able to work in this commitment to increasing and enhancing kind of an environment. post secondary access and success. Our main focus is to increase the number of George: Please describe the goals for Americans who are able to obtain high 2025? quality degrees and credentials because we believe that our nation thoroughly Dr. Howard: Several years ago, under the needs to have an educated population leadership of our CEO, Jamie Merisotis, and workforce. We also know that when Lumina Foundation developed goal 2025. individuals receive those post secondary The goal articulates that by the year degrees and credentials they are not only 2025 60% of Americans will hold a degree able to make a difference in the or high quality post-secondary workforce, but those credentials also credentials. When we say degree or high have an impact and meaningful, lasting quality post-secondary credential, we impression on their own lives. mean one with clear learning outcomes, and that will lead to further opportunities George: How has your work at Lumina both in terms of employment and postFoundation inspired you? secondary education. Right now, the nation stands at about 40%; that is, 40% Dr. Howard: Well it’s really wonderful to of adults in this country have either a be able to work everyday with a group of certificate, degree, or other high quality individuals who are so committed to the credential. But we believe, that in order same goal. Everyone here at Lumina to fuel the workforce of the 21st really has an earnest and deep-seeded century, America has to have commitment to helping the nation’s at least 60% of its population with those population become more educated and degrees and credentials. Again, securing those credentials that I spoke everything that we do at Lumina is about previously. It is an incredible honor focused on that goal. Our grant making to be able to work with individuals who is focused on that goal, as are all the have that commitment to that same goal. other activities and initiatives that we We think that our work can make a are involved in and that we have the difference; we think that we can help the good fortune to support. country meet its goals in terms of postsecondary achievement and also having a George: Why are these goals so urgent? more educated workforce. Everything that we do is focused on post-secondary Dr. Howard: I think that these goals are education and success. Every grant that urgent for a number of reasons. One, it is very clear that 2/3 of the jobs that will be available in the year 2020 will require some education beyond high school, and so in order to ensure that individuals are prepared to fill those jobs we have to make sure that they have access to high quality post-secondary opportunities that will prepare them to thrive in those employment opportunities. That’s one reason. There is a great sense of urgency around that bec ͔ѡ啅Ȁ)ɥЁɽչѡɹȸQѡȁ̰)ݡԁЁݡɔѡѥͥ)܁ɕѥٔѼѡȁѥ̰ݔٔ)ɕͱѕɵ́ѡٕ)е͕䁅хЁѡUѕ)Mхѕ̸]ݕɔյȁ)ѕɵ́ѡݽɱéչɥ́ݥѠ)ɕ̸]ȁ)ѡЁͥѥݔՅ䁡ٔɽ)եєյȁ̸Qѥe)ѥѥٕ́ɕ́)ȁѼɔѡЁɔ)ѥ镹́ɔՍѕݥѠͽͽЁ)е͕䁕Սѥ%٥Յ)́ѼѼٔչ)Ѽѡ̰Ѽٔѡ)хɐ٥ѡЁЁ)ɔѼݔ܁ѡЁѡɔ́ɕ)ȁݕе͕)ՍѥѡѼѡ)̸ȁѡ͔ɕͽ̰ݔ)1յչѥٔѡЁѡɔ́)ɕЁ͕͔ɝ䁅ɽչ)ݔх͕ɥͱ䁽ȁɽ)Ѽѡݔͼ)ѡѡЁݔٔɽѼՕ)ѡ́ѼЁѡхЁ)ѡȁݸ((0