Fall 2016 Intersection Quarterly Review 2016 - Page 3

3 Greetings From George Sifakis, Founder of Ideagen Welcome to Ideagen! We are indeed honored to represent you as one of the world’s leading organizations. Since it’s inception Ideagen and its membership have continued to grow into the influential platform we envisioned. As we continue our journey, we strive to foster impact and high-level thought leadership. We are proud that, during the Ideagen Quarterly Summits, members engage in high-level ideation to innovate and collaborate, sharing solutions to some of the world’s most vexing issues. Previous summit topic include: Workforce, Volunteerism, Veterans, Higher-Educational Attainment,___________ Entrepreneurial Success – Defined, STEM – Defined, and the Business Case for Racial Equity. On behalf of Ideagen we thank you and look forward to your commitment to social impact. About Ideagen In This Edition Ideagen has been created with a single goal in mind: Changing the world. It is a platform where the world’s leading organizations, businesses, and institutions come together to create a better future. Ideagen serves as a platform for highlevel cross sector collaboration. Its member base draws broadly from influential in the non-profit, corporate, and public sectors and is designed to harness the models and best practices each member brings to the table to catalyze collaborative solution._______________________________________________________. A famous theory states the there are no more than six degrees of separation between individuals. Ideagen is a zero degree platform for cross-sector collaboration by serving as the catalyst for influential across sector lines to come together and discuss key issues affection our nation and the world. Ideagen’s Mission The Ideagen mission is to create a zero degree platform to foster an environment for cross-sector collaboration. Our objection is to nurture and strengthen connections and communication between organizations, which together, have the ability to create the ability to create innovative solutions to some of the most vexing issues of our time. Ideagen’s Annual Global Good Summit took place on October 6th at Global Good & Research by Intellectual Ventures in Bellevue, Washington. The world’s leading companies, NGO’s, and Public Sector Organizations convened to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 17, and the vital importance of partnerships to future-proof organizations in the ever changing global landscape to ensure ongoing impact. Pg. 4 Interview with AARP’s Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Kevin Donnellan Pg. 5 Ideagen’s Power 100 List of Organizations Pg. 6 Interview with Amway’s Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Jeff Terry Pg. 8 Interview with the Lumina Foundation’s Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President, Dr. Dannette Howard Pg. 9 Interview with the Toy Industry Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Pasierb Pg. 10 Ideagen’s Power 100 List of Individuals Pg. 11 Annual Ideagen UN Empowering Women & Girls Summit – Press Release Pg. 15 Interview with the UN Foundation’s Predident and Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Calvin Pg. 17 Interview with Capgemini, USA’s Chief Digital Officer, Kim Smith