Fall 2016 Intersection Quarterly Review 2016 - Page 16

16 Interview with Kathy Calvin of the UN Foundation (cont.) George: Kathy, that’s fantastic. Kind of going off this idea of inspiration and speaking from your experience, you’re not originally a foreign policy expert but you’re able to be part of something interesting or you have a place or partnership coming together. How does your role within the UN Foundation continue to inspire you as you work towards fostering a more peaceful, prosperous and just world? ways that the business community has gotten involved. Usually when a business leader makes a case for development, it’s very inspiring. George: That’s right, Kathy. I think you hit on something that we’re focused with that idea again which is engaging the business community because they’re playing such an outside role of impact as well, and so they need to be at the table to provide Kathy: I get to work with an some of the critical solutions to incredible range of incredible people many of the world’s most vexing from meeting Malala to meeting issues. Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Kofi On that point, Kathy, Annan who was the former what key lessons and vantage Secretary General who is now on points help you to successfully our board, to Muhammad Yunus who carry out your role? is the founder of the Grameem Bank, to a 9 year-old girl, Katherine Commale who was one of our Kathy: You called me a tri-sector champion fundraisers for our athlete in the beginning in the Nothing But Nets Campaign to intro and I have worked across 3 Hollywood stars who have put their sectors in government, in business energy behind making sure girls ... well, actually media, and now in stay in school. It’s so exciting to the non-profit sector and it’s given see people take their passion and me an insight as to how be able to do something with it, and each sector operates and how they that we can help connect them to can better work together to solve it. global challenges. I’ve also been really Sometimes the sectors don’t even inspired b HYH\[\XY\XZH[YH[XYK[BY[YZ\\[ۈق[Y][Y\H\\[YB[\X[YH^H\BHۋ\ٚ]ܛ\HX\]Y[H][Y[XHܛ\Yۈ\\[ۈ[B[^x&\H\^Z[\[\ܛ\HX\]'[ x&\H[\]H܂ܛ\YۈYXY[K[[H[\[][]Y\[[X HYHBHY][ۘ[ܛK8'H]^x&\BXܜZ[]X\X[HX[[[[\[Z\]\[H[H]\H[X\][^\\H[Z\HXY ܙ[^][ۜ]BX\] XZ[[^\\H[Z\[H\X܋]\Z[B[\YY\XZHHY\[H[ܙ[^][ۜ[\HX][Hܛ ]\]8&\YH\Y\[H[\YY\™YX][ۈ܈]\X[]Y\܂]^x&[H]X[[[\[]\[X[\ˈ\x&\œ[K[\Z[H[BX[H[\\[˜X[XH܈[] ]8&\‚X[H^][[H[\B[YH[]H[]H\H\Hܝ\ Xۙ HYHY[܂ۘKHܛY\HS ]H\K[^\ZY '[Y[X\]8&\HX\]ۋB[ 'H]8&\HX[H[\ܝ[[ˈݙ\ LYX\H]BYۚYX[HYXY[[ܝ[]B[[YH]\H܈\[\\[Hܛ ]]\BX\]ۈ[[H]HHXB[\[^H]] [›[ܙH[Hۈ\[Y\ܚ[] ]8&\HX[H]B\H\[\H[H[YH[[H\ۈH\^H][ۙH\\و[ ]YYHHYXH 8'Y[H[™\ [ۙKY[H[™\]\'H؝[\HH[[\[\]x&\BX\[]]\[YH][\[^\˂\ H[]8&\Y[\[][]HS[BH[[]][ۈ]ۛBۜY\Y]8&\[Z[H\\˜HY[X\]\وBݙ\Y[ x&\HYZ[]H][Y]H[H]]BXܜ\H\]X[H[\ܝ[\\]\\HHXH]BXH[[H[YYۈ[X[H[]\]YYBۙK