Falcon Flyer Issue 3 - Page 10


By Julianne Kearns, '18


The Saddle Brook High School theatre group gave audiences a "monstously good time" with this year's spring musical, Young Frankenstein. The play is a hilarious take on the adventures of one young Fredrick Frankenstein, a mad scientist, as he dives into the family business, bringing the dead back to life. This crazy show made for a memorable evening and one that stayed with audiences long after they left the theatre.

Making up the cast was a talented mix of Saddle Brook Middle and High School students. Tristan Shafran took on the role of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein while fellow senior Alex Holdsworth played his adorable mad cap fiance Elizabeth Benning. Juniors Michael Mazzone and Hannah Nosch, both of whom have previously worked in the schools' theatrical producitons, stepped into their first lead roles as Igor and Frau Blucher. This wacky cast of characters embarked on a musical adventure that was like no other.

A lot of hard work and preparation went into this show. The cast and crew began working at the end of January and met several times a week for rehearsals. They were fortunate enough to have several professionals come and assist with various aspects of the show. Saddle Brook High School Choir Director, Mr. Couden, took on the score, working with the leads and ensemble to perfect the songs, including, "The Brain", "Together Again", and "Surprise". The music was incredibly complex, and Mr. Couden did a wonderful job. Crafting the beautiful choreography was Mr. Randy Accardi who also worked on the spring musicals of prior years, including last year's "The

Mystery of Edwin Drood." During various rehearsals, Mr. Accardi would teach the numbers and work hours to make sure that the final product came out as beautiful as it did. The production would not have succeeded the way it did if it were not for Mr. Ortega, who once again took on the roles of directing, conducting, and producing the play.

The colorful lights and sets were stunning, and there was a whole team behind them to thank. Bert Mazzone and Stuart Shafran, whose sons both starred in the play, volunteered to design and build the sets. They led the stage crew for weeks in building the boookcase, stairs, table, machine, andThe ending of the show was bittersweet, for it was the last production the senior students would particapate in during their time at Saddle Brook High School. While it is incredibly hard to see them go, they will always be loved and welcomed back to the theatre department in the future. The cast and crew congratulates them and wishes them the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.

Young Frankenstein was an incredible show that will be remembered for many years to come. The hard work of everyone involved showed how incredible a production can be when a truly talented group comes together to work on it. This cast and crew did a wonderful job. I know that I am looking forward to whatever they have in store for next year's spring musical!