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Movie Review: Skyscraper

The action-packed film Skyscraper went under many people’s radars when it was released during the summer of 2018. The film was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and its lead actor was none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself. The titular Dwayne Johnson plays former FBI agent Will Sawyer who lost his leg as a result of one of his missions. Now living in the world's largest skyscraper as a security guard, Will must endure many physical and emotional hardships when dangerous hackers invade the skyscraper and set it ablaze. Will races to save his wife and two children who are trapped within the burning building.

The Rock gives us a stellar performance as he always does, along with the other actors and actresses such as Neve Campbell as Will’s wife, Ng Chin Han as Zhao Long Ji the designer of the skyscraper, and Roland Møller as Kores Botha the main villain of the film to name a few. The atmosphere is also consistent and fitting, with decent lighting

and dynamic camera angles to capture the scene’s tension such as the bustling neon lit streets of Hong Kong, and inside the burning skyscraper to truly feel the heat of the situation.

As an action movie, Skyscraper follows a few common tropes most movies of the genre follow, such as having unrealistic but entertaining action, fights, and chase scenes. Even though Skyscraper is a fun movie, it can be very predictable and stereotypical at times, such as the Will always successfully performing the various leaps and jumps he makes.

Overall, as predictable and over-the-top as it can be with its seemingly impossible jumps and stunts that Will performs, Skyscraper is still a fun movie that can be watched however you see fit, whether it's to relish its action, poke fun at its ridiculousness, or to simply watch The Rock do his thing.

By: Max Kahn, '20

Homecoming 2018