Faith in Action 2017 20.08.17

Your complete guide to the 21-Day Fast of Daniel THE HIGH PRIEST, HIS GARMENTS, THE 21 DAYS AND YOU PG 8 Year 2 • Issue 27 • Sunday 20 August 2017 • UCKG.ORG • SUGGESTED DONATION £1 • FIA@UCKG.ORG S SATAN Find out what the names of Satan are, and how knowing this can help you fight against him and his works Pg. 11 WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL OF THIS EXTRA TIME? PG. 14 The great purpose to tear the veil Pg. 7 BE INSPIRED SPECIAL BROADCAST WITH BISHOP ALVARO How Francia Cabulo made God her best friend Pg. 4 14 AUGUST - 3 SEPTEMBER AT 10 PM All About You Tune in to the new show that’s just for women LIBERTYRADIO.CO.UK FACEBOOK.COM/UCKGUK EVERY MONDAY PM 5 ON YOU TUBE