Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 8

Love Yourself There’s one person who has been there for you.  When you were down. When you were up.  When you were tired and frustrated; almost gave up! One who remembers every laughter and has cried every tear!  They were there when your heart was filled with joy and when it was broken into a million pieces.  Was there for all the disappointing and hurtful moments. Was there for all the exciting and joyous ones.  When you thought you were going to lose your mind, during the darkest times, this person was there! Who do you ask? YOU!  The one in the mirror!  The strong one!  The one who has what it takes to make it through anything.  The one who’s worth fighting for in every breath! Look in the mirror!  You have been there all along!  You fell but you got back up – several times over!  You were broken but now you are in the healing process.  You didn’t give up on you!  You have the power in you! FHM 8 Written by Zaneta Beverford You have neglected you for so long it’s time to repent and make a change!  Forgive yourself in neglecting the very person that was there!  The very one who endured all the pain, all the heartaches, all the disappointments! Believing is the power behind the statement!  When you start to believe the affirmations, you say about yourself you will notice a change about you!  You will start seeing that you are beautiful!  You are smart!  You are worth  more than any precious thing in this world!  You are worthy of being a priority!  You are so used to you being secondary to everything, to everyone, and you have come to believe that you should not be a priority in anyone’s eyes!  You give, give, give, and give some more and yet if only someone would finally give to you!  Why not you give to you?  Give your best to you!  Give your attention to you! Give your love to you!  When you do that, when you have given to yourself first – there’s plenty to give to others and with more grace!  Love Yourself. Zaneta Beverford is a loving mother of three beautiful children, a grandmother, a counselor, mentor, a spiritual advisor, and a number one best selling author.  She is also an author coach, helping aspiring writers through the process of becoming a published author.  She lives a life that is full of grace and compassion that inspires others to do the same.  She is a well-known speaker on Women Empowerment and Spiritual growth.