Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 4

I don't mind waiting... I need you to understand that each of us is under the law of God. That law for those of you who believe in His Son, Jesus, that He was born to fulfill kingdom promise. Just like Jesus, you too were born to fulfill a divine purpose. Just over these last few days, I've felt a little overwhelmed with everything God has called me to produce in this season. Coupled with raising a family, moving and living in a foreign country, learning a new language, building several businesses at once all while finding myself in this new, yet, incredible season. That's when God reminded me swiftly that my job is to worry less and look to the hills where my strength comes. Not only do I need to look to the hills, I need to continuously transform my mind through my words and actions. Therefore, while you wait, it's your job to be encouraged. As women of God, we must constantly remind ourselves that even though everything seems important on our to do list daily while birthing kingdom vision, most of our daily list is not important to God. God seeks a heart that is yielding to His vision, His ways, and His will. He desires to know that He can trust me and you with the birthing process. Every step we make in life is crucial in our spiritual development. Our daily walk, talk, and thoughts let God know that we surrender fully to His ways. Remember, birthing vision doesn't come cheap! Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT) teaches us that every good thing is birthed in God's timing. Not my schedule. Not your calendar. But, it's God's timing, in His perfect season. Yet, while we excitedly wait to give birth, it's our job to cultivate, hone our skills, speak life, and transform our environment. Remember: His timing is complete, absolute, and good. Therefore, I prophesy over your life that this is the season where God is bringing you full circle in your situation. Your network is producing favor. Your wealth is changing. Your access to various kingdom positions are improving, and God is granting you favor like never before. I genuinely believe Genesis 18:14 when it says: “Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” (NLT) Get ready, ladies, because this is your season to birth undeniable favor! FHM 4