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The Check-Up We Can’t Ignore WRITTEN BY HEATHER THOMPSON I had a message I was ready to share today, or so I thought. God stopped me in my tracks and let me know, “This isn’t it.” As we prepare to celebrate The Resurrection of Christ, we need to address a truth society doesn’t always want to discuss: the dangerous weights of hidden pain with the women we call friends and within ourselves. In your smartphone’s address book, you have at least 2-3 friends who are experiencing issues they don’t want to share. These are your strongest friends, your biggest advocates, and your best confidantes. They’re “alpha females” and “beta women,” homemakers or industry leaders, and loved by more people than they likely realize. However, for all of their accolades and high praise, they have heartbreaks they don’t want to address. These issues could range from the aftereffects of job loss, infertility, grieving a loved one’s death, or even intense spiritual warfare. Sometimes, they’re dealing with what some insensitively label as “lesser” concerns such as wanting to get married and not meeting potential suitors or wanting a better career and having little to no quality job prospects. FHM 34 Heather M. Thompson is a transformation life coach, writing professional, and a founding partner of Great Nation Publishing, LLC: an independent publishing company that specializes in producing faith-based fiction and nonfiction works. Heather also offers over 15 years of creative writing experience. Her background includes screenwriting, songwriting, and spoken word performances. Originally from Indiana, Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Valparaiso University.  She resides with her family in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and can be reached via e-mail at From the way they live to the dreams they hold onto, the women around us are quietly dealing with pains they don’t want to express due to fear of being ridiculed or rejected. In this season of spiritual rejuvenation, I ask you to consider seeking God about two important yet overlooked things. One, ask Him to reveal the condition of your heart. Then, ask Him for the ability to be a true friend to those He’s assigned to your life. The problem is that we seek to be excellent stewards over our finances, careers, and health, but it’s our relationships that we sacrifice and wonder why we don’t have better ties with the people we cherish. Don’t pursue success to the point that you bypass love and mutually beneficial relationships. For all of our doctor visits, business lunches, and dinner parties that we add to our calendars, let’s make regular check-ins with our good girlfriends a necessity, too.