Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 32

STEPPING OUT OF Nowhere into Somewhere Photo: She Bold Stock Let me tell you, FEAR is no joke! It can paralyze you and keep you from walking in your passion.  You know, that thing God destined you for? Although you see me now, a Bold, Firey published author, Health and Wellness Trainer, and Transformational Coach, walking hundreds of people into their God given calling, what you don’t know, is Fear held me hostage for years! Whispering lies to me like, “Karen, dreaming of marriage is a waste of time! Remember the last relationship you were in? Girl, you don’t need that mess in your life. Jesus is more than enough!” Or “Girl, why are you stressing about what you eat, or how much you eat, you worry too much! Who says you’re going to die of cancer like your mother? Even if that does happen, you’re going to Heaven anyways so enjoy that gallon of ice cream that you’re eating.” Written By Karen Nurse See, my bondage, laid in the fact that what I heard, had some truth in it. Jesus is indeed enough, but I’m supposed to be “a good thing” to the husband who finds me. That means I should be desiring a husband, right? But, fear had me hiding behind Christ rather than being hidden in Christ. And yes, my ultimate destination is Heaven, someday, but not before my time. The reality was fear, negative self- talk and false beliefs had me stuck in the past and unable to dream of my future. Sound Familiar? But, a new day dawned after attending a Lisa Nichols, Speak and Write conference. The room was electric with hope, expectation, and purpose! Lisa’s drive, determination and passion to see people succeed brought life. Almost three thousand of us rode the waves of excitement, laughter was contagious, and tears flowed freely as we watched each other’s hopes come alive. We danced, sang and even groaned; screaming and chanting our way into breakthrough. We could feel the fire, the surge of energy sear our hearts as we cheered for, cried with, and held one another. Lies and crippling beliefs fell off us like shackles, while hopes and dreams were birthed again.  It was life changing! This conference was just one of the many facets that I used to cancel out the years of heartache, yo yo dieting, depression and “mistaken” identity. By connecting my mind, body and spirit through transformational coaching, physical fitness and spiritual healing, I was able to overcome fear and walk in my real identity in who God says I AM.  Now my desire, my purpose my gift is to journey with others into the same truth. Who do you know who could use this transformation? FHM 32