Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 3

g n i m i T s ' d o All in G Photo: She Bold Stock Life doesn't always seem fair when you're in the middle of birthing vision, something extraordinary for the kingdom. Often, you're faced with opposition after opposition in an attempt to terminate the voice or the platform God has purposed you to fulfill—even if that purpose is to birth something uncommon. I don't know about you, but I'm in a season of birthing vision. And while birthing what seems to be odd to some, the idea is not usual to God. While carrying vision, many of you, just like me will face insurmountable labor pains. In fact, what might look like a setback or possible complications while carrying your divine cargo is actually a setup for God to get the glory. Habakkuk 2:3 reminds us that God does not lie. I don't care how long it takes for the vision to manifest, you must have faith that the vision is manifesting even though it's taking some time for you to crown. As a matter of fact, while you're waiting for your contractions to increase, God is strengthening you to push! Written by Dr. Leslie E. Brown FHM Founder/Creator Just the other day, for example, the enemy was hitting me on every side. At one point, the blows were so intense, I couldn't breathe. But through it all, I knew God was in control. From my thirteen-year- old son who twisted his ankle at the park while enjoying himself with friends to spiritual warfare increasing in certain business affairs as I birth God's purpose. That's when God strategically showed me that not only is prayer needed countless times throughout the day, but you like me must pray aggressive prayers and believe in God's timing like never before. FHM 3