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Another thing that can assist in increasing your cash flow is to reduce unnecessary expenses.  Cancel your cable subscription.  Decrease the frequency (or eliminate entirely) eating out.  You can also create cash by learning how to trade cryptocurrency and foreign currency.  You can start with very minimal costs and make great gains daily.  This is going to put you in a position to be able to cash flow so that you can now begin to do some other things.    Now let me remind you: there is a difference between good and bad debt.  I want you aggressively getting out of bad debt while simultaneously gaining cash flow; don’t focus on doing one or the other, one at a time.  No.  Begin to pay yourself.  This is one of the smartest things you can do. If you are serious about being wealthy, you must understand that it is an ongoing and ever evolving educational process.  This is one of the reasons that I started the Millionairess Club.  Things are continuing to change and develop in the financial sphere.  Everything is going in the direction of technology. If you are not keeping up with it, you are going to be swallowed up.  You are either going to be paying interest or putting yourself in position to be paid interest. The Millionairess Club is an online educational platform focused on teaching women short and long wealth strategies, emotional intelligence, how to negotiate, and enter the wonderful world of investing.   I grew up in Detroit, a 4th generation entrepreneur.  My parents were the first African Americans to have a business in downtown Detroit.  As a result of their success, we lived a pretty amazing life.  I grew up with housekeepers, cooks, and drivers.  My parents had always been very focused and determined.  But when I was 19, my family lost everything including our beautiful home.  It was a very depressing time for us.  I couldn’t understand at all how we went from living so well for so many years to losing so much.  I remember being very frustrated during this time.  I was disappointed, feeling confused, and quite lost.  FHM 27