Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 20

My experience is that walking successfully with God is not achieved with a set of rules and checklists, but a relationship with and love for God.  If you love someone, you typically do not want to let them down or hurt their feelings knowingly. You want to do right by them.  You do not want to be disloyal, and you desire to make them happy. So, you must create the same healthy boundaries with our dear Father. My personal walk with God has been made easier not through a legalistic set of rules but simply because I want to please Him, make Him proud of me and make Him confident to use me as a vessel for His purpose. Pause and think about this!   If love is your motive, you will be pre-disposed to lay aside these named weights and focus on your race. Sometimes this is not easy, but your love for God and desire to please Him can eventually take over and the appetite or tolerance for easily besetting sins will begin to diminish slowly but surely and overall start to fall away. Mike Murdock says, "the proof of desire is pursuit" – so just as we pursue pleasing those we love, if we desire pleasing God, we will pursue kingdom purpose. As we surrender to the greatest helper of all, The Holy Spirit, we will see change happening daily, step by step - He will enable us to run the race with endurance. We can therefore focus and begin to run our race in lightweight gear, our efficiency increases, and focus improves like an Olympic athlete! May the rest of 2019 be one of good spiritual exercise, free of hindrances in Jesus name! FHM 20