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CONTENTS 03 FEATURES LESLIE BROWN ALL IN GOD'S TIMING 06 TANISHA SHANEE DEAR SINGLE IN LOVE 08 ZANETA BEVERFORD LOVE YOURSELF 11 SHARON Y. JUDIE 13 SALINTAE TUZO-SMITH LOVE OR FEAR 15 OYINKAN AKINMADE 17 OLABIMPE SANGOWAWA OUR SPIRITUAL EXERCISE 31 LASANDRA COLLINS 32 KAREN NURSE STEPPING OUT OF NOWHERE INTO SOMEWHERE 34 HEATHER THOMPSON 35 FOUNDER OF FHM Leslie E. Brown, Ed.D. FATHERLESS GIRLS Dr. Leslie Brown is the Founder/CEO of Faith Heart Magazine (FHM), Faith Heart Coaching, and Waiting to Be Unleashed Academy. FHM's global mission is to build women and young girls up with spiritual and practical principles so they can clarify their vision and walk unapologetically in their purpose. CONFIDENCE: THE WHAT WHY AND HOW It's her hope that Faith Heart Magazine (FHM) impact lives globally. As this is the 11th Edition of FHM, she hopes to broaden her scope in the Christian magazine industry and share REAL stories from WOMEN who have overcome adversity through faith, resiliency, and the power of prayer. EMBRACING YOUR GIFT Motto: Global Impact. Purpose-Driven. Unapologetically Real. THE CHECK-UP WE CAN'T IGNORE DR. MARY J. HUNTLEY LET YOUR PAST PASS COVER STORY 22 JEWEL TANKARD TALKS BUILDING FAITH, WEALTH, AND LEADERSHIP IN THE KINGDOM INSPIRATIONAL WORDS 05 4 VERSES ON GOD'S PROMISES 12 PURPOSE 16 CAN, WILL, BELIEVE 21 MOUNTAINS 33 SOMETHING GOOD BUSINESS PROMOS EDITOR OF FHM Alana Ward, M.Ed Alana Ward is a wife and mother of two. She is a native of Orangeburg, SC who currently resides in Summerville, SC. In her spare time, she likes to read and write inspirational non-fiction and poetry. She is an English Teacher at Ashley Ridge High School who believes in lifelong learning and divine purpose. She believes that faith and joy are the essential substances of life that enable us to live and thrive in this world. 30 ANCHORED IN CHRIST 2019 WWW . INSTAGRAM . COM / FAITHHEARTMAG Faith Heart Magazine Publication: Columbia, SC I Telephone: 803.216.1057 I Email: |