Faith Heart Magazine Jewel Tankard - Page 18

Our Spiritual Exercise Written By Olabimpe Sanguwawa Photo: She Bold Stock Bio: Is married, a mother of 2, consummate Human Resource professional, writer and music minister. She is an avid worshiper who amidst her hectic work and home life seeks alternative means to express her gift of singing, writing to serve God and others beyond her local church assembly. For the last 2 years she has also contributed monthly to the At The Master’s Feet Worship Ministry online blog. Here we are again...continuing with New Year resolutions. I said in a preceding article that a common resolution for both genders is to eat right, exercise and live a healthier and active life. We spoke of selecting the right diet in right portions - carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and water. We also talked of the word of God figuratively giving us all the nourishment we need and being the spiritual water that flushes out all the ‘toxins’ from our bodies hydrating and keeping us spiritually healthy and vibrant. We concluded that eating the right spiritual food is one way to see the visible changes in our spirit man as we grow and develop a healthy weight, healthy muscles, and healthy bones in the spirit! FHM 18