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Confidence: The What Why and How Written By Oyinkan Akinmade You cannot achieve what God has planned out for you if you lack confidence. Confidence can be described as a belief that a person can rely on your ability.    When you are confident, people see a competent and trustworthy person. As a professional, you want to demonstrate that you rely on you to do your job well. Every time you meet with your boss or client, they are making a judgment on whether to go with you and your idea or not.  Therefore, it's your responsibility to show that you are competent and trustworthy.   You show confidence by what you do and not by how you feel.  Your feelings are not always a correct indication of your abilities. Sometimes you will feel apprehensive although you've done everything right. Therefore, your feelings are unreliable! Besides no one can see how you feel. They can see what you do. Photo: She Bold Stock You demonstrate confidence by how you look, how you sound and what you say.  The saying goes first impressions last forever. Your body language and what you wear makes up how you look. Your facial expressions and your posture make up a large chunk of your communication. Watch out for habits that show up when you are nervous.   When you are well dressed, you are ready to meet with anyone at any time. You would feel great about yourself, and you would always be ready for unplanned meetings. So dress for the position you want and how you would like to be addressed. Let your spoken communication be engaging. Learn how you can combine stories to pass your ideas across.  Speak in a way that your audience can appreciate. Don't use language that goes over their heads. Instead, use terms that they make use of in their business.  Make it easy for them to identify the benefits your idea brings.   Confidence makes it easier for other people to see you as a skilled and competent professional. If you are to succeed and be in alignment with God's plan for your life, you must demonstrate confidence. Oyinkan Akinmade is the founder of Bold and ageless Llc. She is a Speaker and a Workplace Coach with a primary focus on Confidence, Communication and Ownership. Her passion is to empower and equip individuals to take charge of their professional lives. She believes that God has given every individual the ability to choose, so she believes you can take charge of your professional life and create an atmosphere for your success as you progress in your career or business. FHM 15